Thursday, March 26, 2015

Recent Work : Cloth Diapers

For a while now, I've been thinking about expanding the product I make for Larry and Boo's Emporium to include more baby stuff. I already make a ring sling. A friend asked me to make baby overnight, snuggly things. (They didn't go well, but we were communicating across states. I'd still like to find a better pattern for them.) Last fall, I decided to experiment with cloth diapers. I made two full sets and gave them both away. I'm waiting to hear feedback!

The thing is, cloth diapers are EXPENSIVE! But they are also the best. There is so much reason not to buy disposable diapers, but my opinion comes from just days of changing diapers. Years of professional nanny experience, and taking care of so many babies, using diapers on the job...this showed me that cloth diapers are simply superior. They are the cleanest and easiest to use. They last the longest and can be passed down. They help encourage development. (I will not give you the hard sell on potty training, because kids have to develop physically for that and no diaper is a fucking miracle.) Yes, they require some maintenance, but not actually that much. Diaper genies are far nastier and potentially dirtier than dumping the contents of a cloth diaper in the toilet and washing them.

I think there's a market for cloth diapers and diaper covers made from recycled fabrics at (hopefully) affordable prices. But I need to know that my product works, so I'm waiting for a certain baby to get a little bigger so I can get some feedback! I might start with prefolds, though. I understand prefolds enough that I know I can make good ones and sell them. Plus, they are easy to make cheaply and also very easy to sew. I'll keep you updated on the reviews and my progress. I'm pretty excited about getting more into the baby stuff, and I have a lot of ideas!

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