Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Recent Work : Darla Portrait

Ok, like I said, since I'm going all Hardcore March for Spring Break, I'm starting every post this week with an update on my massive to do list. If you're not interested in my progress, scroll down to the second half to see about an awesome painting I just finished!!!

Financial aid crap
Math Homework
Web Design

Run 3 miles
Paint Darla
Web Design

Finish all Anthropology Homework for the rest of the semester
--->Because of an awful e-mail exchange where I was called egocentric, I was really pissed at my Anthropology professor and ready to check out, so I spent two hours this morning doing the rest of the work for the remainder of the term. I can do Philosophy and English next week!
Paint Bedroom
--->I mixed the paint and am so excited that I want to finish painting the alcove for my bed. So after this blog post, mom and I are doing that!
Wrap up Web Design
Finish Store Envy for Larry and Boo's Emporium
Scholarship Apps
--->After I paint my bedroom, I will have plenty of time to get webby tonight and to wrap up those tasks!

Run 5 miles
Photograph items for reselling
Plan daily and weekly schedule

Organize Adam's room

Run 7 miles
Continue with English
Make messenger bag

So, as you can see, things have been reordered from the original list, but I basically feel like I'm totally killing it at life. I welcome the break from English and Philosophy because I was a bit worn out on those. Next week, I can focus on wrapping up English for the semester and then it'll be only Philosophy and Math for the rest of the semester. I like working ahead so I have less to worry about on a weekly basis. But I'm thinking that I'm going to make this sort of intense to do list every week, because I have a LOT I want to accomplish. Since I'm not pursuing employment from anyone else, I want to stick to all the things I've been putting off and putting off and really focus my energy on business stuff but also all that personal crap that I've never had time to do before.

I felt really discouraged with the e-mail exchange from my professor, but I talked it out...and yes, I want to stay in school, despite the dickery, but I definitely want to get an online degree. It is so much easier to deal with crap via e-mail when I can curl up with my laptop and Netflix to get over it!

Recent Work : Darla Portrait

So, for several months now, I've been working on painting a portrait of my cat. This is part of a business venture I'm considering. A few years ago, my friend had me paint a portrait of her dogs (from a photograph she had of them). I did a great job and was really surprised at how awesome it turned out. I know of a blogger who paints house portraits and has this massive waiting list and that's what she does to make money. So I thought that I'd see what could happen with pet portraits. But first, I have to build my portfolio. Because I've always been working, this project took MONTHS (maybe even a year). Now that I'm only pursuing self-employment, I hope to finish the rest of the portraits on my list much faster...and then see where I can go with it. Next up is a painting of three of our cats. But first, let me show you Darla from beginning to end! (And if you like what you see and would like a pet portrait of your own, e-mail me! I'm offering low rates because I'm still building my portfolio!)

Step 1 : Draw out Darla and fill in background with textures. In this case, paper and human hair (my hair). I always put texture somewhere!

Step 2: Fill in the backgrounds with their basic colors.

Step 3: Finish shading and depth on one chunk of the background

Step 4: Finish details, shading, and depth on second chunk of the background

Step 5: Block out the body (which totally looks like a creepy alien cat) : Important to finish the final steps in one swoop because of mixing paint.

Step 6: Detail the body

Step 7: Detail the face and eyes

Now, I still have to finish the whiskers, and I ALWAYS include glitter (which I think will be her eyes and whiskers). But I'm comfortable showing you this now, because the whiskers and the glitter are really just finishing touches. However, once she is 100% complete, I'll post the photo and the painting so you can see them right by each other. I'm gonna post a close up of her face so you can see the detail in her eyes! Please tell me what you think in the comments! I would love to hear some feedback!

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