Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Recent Work : Messenger Bag

Because I'm going Hardcore March for this Spring Break, I'm gonna start every post reviewing my to do list, so I can stay on top of it. So skim past that, if you don't care and check out a messenger bag I made for Adam for Christmas!

Financial aid crap
Math Homework
Web Design
Philosophy Homework
English Homework

Run 3 miles
Pick up art stuff
Finish Store Envy for Larry and Boo's Emporium
Finish English homework

Paint Darla
Make messenger bag
Scholarship Apps

Run 5 miles
Mix paint for bedroom
Get started painting (maybe)
Plan daily and weekly schedule

Organize Adam's room

Run 7 miles
Continue with English
Photograph stuff for reselling

As you can see, I've skipped around a bit. The studio for painting was open today and not on the day I scheduled it. So I finished that early! Yesterday, by the time I got down to do Philosophy stuff, I just didn't want to. I didn't have the energy. Today, I'm going to finish part one of English and all of Philosophy so I'm good on homework and can forget about it. I'm also thinking I'll mix my paint today, and take out all the nails and move the furniture in the first section of my room to paint. Finishing the Darla painting (which I will write about tomorrow) really made my day, so I'm feeling motivated!

Recent Work : Messenger Bag

A million years ago, I picked up a pattern to make a messenger bag...with all the bells and whistles; pockets, zippers, fasteners, mesh straps, EVERYTHING. But it was just sitting around, not happening. Last summer, I received a bunch of fabric that made sense for the messenger bag and set that aside. After hanging out with Adam a LOT, I realized he could totally use a messenger bag. We do outdoorsy stuff but are always carrying cameras and books and he also has a wallet and keys and stuff. So, for Christmas, I decided to make us matching messenger bags!!!

I haven't made mine yet (but it's on this week's list). But I did finish Adam's and give it to him for Christmas and he loves it and uses it all the time. Mom worked with me, step-by-step, because patterns can be tricky to interpret and I would be doing new types of sewing. (I'd never done zippered pockets before). I learned that some parts of the bag (the zippered pocket) are totally unnecessary and will not be a part of my messenger bag. I made a couple of mistakes, but mostly, I had a lot of fun. I was really impressed with my capabilities and definitely feel like making mine (which is a smaller version) can be done on my own. Adam has been using his for two months now and it's holding up perfectly! You can check out some pics of my progress below and the finished product!

The outer fabric is a corduroy that has been treated in some way to be resistant to water and staining. The inner fabric is a very soft cotton. All of the fabric and the zippers were recycled or vintage...but the straps and fasteners were bought new. (I could salvage them in the future, if I choose.) Yes, Adam likes the flowers, because flowered lining is cool!

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