Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Review : Frugal Fortune

I just want to take a quick moment to talk about a new-ish thrift/antique store in Lakewood, Frugal Fortune. I found the store via Instagram, I think. I really like their feed, even though it is just items for sale. The thing that makes Frugal Fortune different is the way the owner interacts on Instagram. She and her partner do a lot of refinishing and will talk about projects and she's always commenting on my photos and liking them.

Because of how awesome the Instagram feed is, I've started visiting the shop when I'm in the area. A friend was cleaning out her family's stuff and asked me about some vintage movie cameras which I sold to Frugal Fortune. (For only $5 ea., since they aren't working anymore.) I like to keep an eye on what she's selling. She has a lot of great pieces, and I've bought a table from her. She gets some really fantastic mid-century modern pieces that I just wish I had room for!

I think the store is a great addition to Cleveland's thrifting culture. There are a lot of places to go shopping in NEOhio and many of them feel very anonymous. It's nice to build an actual relationship with a store owner, which I love. If you're in the area, she's definitely worth checking out! If you're not in the area, I know she ships items, so she's worth following. And if you just love social media, definitely follow her on Instagram, it's a fun account!

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