Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring Break Goals

This morning, as I was sort of waking up and checking my Twitter, I saw my friend, Jess, wrote a blog with her March Goals. I was already planning on outlining my Spring Break Goals and writing about some other news, so we're basically blog twinsies today!

This week, I'm really trying to accomplish a ton! I did not sleep well last night at all and was definitely up way later than I wanted, which puts me a bit behind for today's goals. Also, I had a last minute add on. So I might have to reconfigure some of what I'm doing, but anyway, here it is:

Financial aid crap
Math Homework
Web Design
Philosophy Homework
English Homework
--->That web design stuff was added this morning, so I might push English until tomorrow

Run 3 miles
Pick up art stuff
Finish Store Envy for Larry and Boo's Emporium
Finish English homework

Paint Darla
Make messenger bag
Scholarship Apps

Run 5 miles
Mix paint for bedroom
Get started painting (maybe)
Plan daily and weekly schedule

Organize Adam's room

Run 7 miles
Continue with English
Photograph stuff for reselling

Yesterday, I had a super awful group interview for the Apple Store. Talk about UGH to the millionth power! It was such a total load of bullshit and a complete waste of my time. They took two fucking hours to show me propaganda videos, to talk about how HARD the job is, and then not answer my questions. What I wanted to know : benefits for part-time employees, benefits for domestic partners, tattoo policy, lactation policy, maternity AND paternity leave...??? This is shit that they tried to keep really secret but why? Apple should be shouting these policies from their roof tops. What I didn't want to do was watch videos about how the Apple store isn't like any other job and how fancy their stores are but how they can't actually tell me anything...unless I get to the next interview.


So tired of this idea of having a fuckton of interviews for wage positions. I mean, Apple doesn't even give a shit about any experience for any job, so why do I need to sit through two hours of propaganda? Oh, that's right, because they were "getting to know" me while I was "getting to know" them because this job is "not right for everyone". And they wanted to talk about how people are their greatest resource, which totally explains why their chiffron group interview left me feeling like a number and not a person and lessened my love for them by just a little bit.


I hope they don't call me. But if they do, I will probably go in for another interview.

The Apple job is really the only thing I'm considering right now, because I've decided to focus my energy on self-employment. Basically, I'm tired of trying to fit in. I want to do college full time and not worry about juggling schedules. There is a LOT of stuff I can do to earn money and ways to build my businesses that I NEVER do when I'm also focused on working. Also, I want to be available for family stuff, if necessary, and a job would prevent that. I've never really ever focused all my energy on self-employment, excluding when I was a nanny, which isn't the same. There are a lot of ideas I have and if I don't go for them, I probably never will. So, that's what I'm doing now. I'm just fucking going for it!

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