Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Theory on Life

I had a pretty great day. Do you ever have a day that you are expecting to go nowhere, but it takes an unexpected turn to awesomeness? That was my day.

When I came home from my run, I was walking the Bella home (to dry her off) before returning to lock myself inside and finish half of my list for this week. As I was leaving our WiFi area, I received a Facebook message from a friend that she was free for conversation today. I walked over to her house and made plans to go visit with her. I returned Bella, headed home, changed, and headed out to the library to meet my friend.

The week before last, said friend invited me to display my painting of Darla with a collection of works from her other students at a coffee shop in Akron's main branch of the public library. The cafe is under new management, which turned out to be a total treat. When I met her at the coffee shop, I didn't realize I'd be helping her hang all the paintings. (The hanging of the paintings took up a bunch of time, but was so worth it. I love helping!) It turns out, the new manager of the cafe is an old acquaintance. He's a really interesting guy and has begun to fill the cafe with plants and hydroponics and aquaponics. He's making the cafe this fantastic urban jungle and covering all the ugly, beige walls with local art. Some of the art is for sale and he won't take a commission, which is fantastic! His theory : the art is free and brings in customers, so why would he take money away from the artists?

We chatted a bit as friend and I hung the paintings. His plans for the cafe are very community oriented, which is always exciting for me. I'm always looking for a way to participate and be a part of the community...but my experiences in Akron have almost always been less than stellar. Most of the people in this town are extremely obtuse and very self-centered, which doesn't interest me at all. It was invigorating to see someone new take over a space right in the center of town and make it a very community-oriented place. I look forward to hanging out there in the future and seeing what he does.

Afterward, my friend and I had a really long talk about my art and her business and all kinds of things. She and I don't always get to spend a lot of time together, but she is such a valued friend. She has a very different approach to people from mine and maintains relationships that I could never. She's smart and a little bit older and has a lot of similar experiences to my own but with different outcomes. Talking to her always feels like recalibrating my own thought processes.

Today was really nice and unexpected and gives me hope that I might yet find a way to contribute to this community. Only time will tel.

This tweet is basically my whole theory on life.


  1. thats amazing! I too am trying to find a way to contribute to society... xx lovejoystyles.com

  2. It can be hard, depending on your local community. I've bookmarked your blog. Thanks for the video!

  3. That's awesome! I saw the photos on Instagram. Must be pretty sweet to have your paintings up!

    1. Yes. Hopefully, it translates to commissions! That's my ultimate goal with these pet portraits I'm doing.