Friday, March 27, 2015

Trails and Towns : Castalia Quarry

Last weekend, Adam and I went to the Castalia Quarry, which is part of the Erie County Metroparks. The park has a handful of trails, including the 2-mile trail around the rim of the quarry, which Adam and I hiked. The park also has several geocaches. We started grabbing caches first and then stopped after one mile of hiking had taken us a couple of hours! We were exploring every nook and cranny and taking lots of photos. The quarry is really beautiful and interesting. It's very different from most of the landscape you'll see in Ohio and actually reminded me of Death Valley and Hawai'i. (It wasn't black like Volcano National Park, but felt similar.) I had actually been to the quarry once before, with my late best friend, Michael Weber. It was his favorite park in Ohio and I can totally see why. The place is just stunning.


  1. I didn't see places to hike in Ohio around where Scott's from, mostly trails for walking or running. I definitely have to check that whenever we visit next time. This has me aching to go hiking again. =( And you guys seem perfect for each other! So happy for you. -Jess

    1. Where is he from? I'll give you a whole list of places!

      Girl, thanks! We really are perfect for each other and I'm so happy I found him!