Thursday, March 12, 2015

Wise Words : Dream

OK, in keeping with my Spring Break goals, I'm gonna go over those and keep it kinda brief with some awesome words about dreams!

Wrap up Web Design
--->While wrapping up the web design, I came across some ideas and decisions needed to be made by the owner of the store, so I'm gonna do the final touches on Saturday, but for now, you can check out : Small Studio!
Finish Store Envy for Larry and Boo's Emporium
--->Oh man, each listing takes forever! So this is taking longer than I planned.
Scholarship Apps
--->Slacked it up so hard. Gonna have to do this over the weekend.

Run 5 miles
--->It was hard! The trail sucked, but I did it!
Photograph items for reselling
Plan daily and weekly schedule
--->Instead of photographing and scheduling, I definitely crawled into bed with Beep! and watched "Friends". So yeah.

Organize Adam's room

Run 7 miles
Continue with English
Make messenger bag

Since I'm FINALLY pursuing self-employment, I've been having a lot of conversations about how to do that and what I need to do with our business and other ideas for different revenue streams. I'm really excited and slightly nervous. I don't have as much financial burdens as a lot of people, because I live with my mom and Adam is happy to pay when we go out. But I have a couple of bills (shut off my phone, though) that I need to stay on top of. All told, no spending money or anything, I can do $140 a month in bills. Still, it's daunting when there is no income right now. So all these inspirational images about dreams are so totally perfect right now. I need to fill my mind with dreams and encouragements so that there is no room for doubt at all! Also, I am LOVING having time to make big lists and knock that shit out of the park! (Oh, and the Apple Store decided to go "another way", which was fine with me. Because I don't give a shit about working for them!)

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