Friday, April 3, 2015

Don't Watch It

There's a new horror movie out, "It Follows". It's playing at Akron's indie theater. If you don't live in a very populated area, I'm not sure if it's being released in a national chain. Normally, I love supporting this theater and the interesting art that comes through it, but I've gotta bow out on this one. I've been pondering if it's better to support an indie theater and indie movie, even if it's so clearly as racist as this one. Check out the trailer:

Did you see that? Yet another fucking movie with some basic blonde as the lead and her fucking horde of white friends. Not one damn minority in that trailer...and why? Certainly not because black people don't have sex, or because Asians are never teenagers, or because Indians can't ever be cursed. I mean, those things could happen to anyone of any race, right? But in this movie, they're happening to white people, like so many other fucking movies out there. It's not even about telling white stories, because this story is not exclusive to white people. This is fucking supernatural fiction. Can we please have more color and more diversity in our movies?

Apparently not, so I'll pass on this one.

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