Monday, April 6, 2015

March Goals

Ok, time for a BIG goal post! (Because it's Hardcore March, y'all!)

Marathon Training/College : These are both happening. My friend, Narissa, sent me money that enabled me to buy running shoes, which I finally used the week before last and everything was great! I'm using April to get in enough runs to be at least somewhat prepared for the Cleveland Marathon. (I'm running the half.) And then I have all summer to train for the Akron Marathon. (Again, I'm running the half.) If all goes as I'd like, this gives me plenty of time to prepare for another marathon next year! I've got my loan stuff sorted for college and am playing the waiting game. Waiting for disbursement, waiting for letters of confirmation, waiting for transcripts for my application...waiting, waiting, waiting! Everything is happening, it all just takes time.

I have a new kitty, JOCK!

101 Things

001. Paint bedroom
--->SO EXCITED! I just bought the rest of the paint today and am going to organize the painting party!!
005. Build shelves in bedroom
I don't know what this one was. I think it was about getting bookshelves, which I did. So I'm counting it as done.
017. Create Store Envy
DONE! If you wanna go pick out a stuffed animal and make our first sale, then do it!
053. Find management position
Since I'm pursuing self-employment, this one is moot...or I've accomplished it because I'm my own boss? Whatever.
084. Make family trees for me
--->This one is in the works. I have an account with Ancestry, and I managed to find some lineage back ONE THOUSAND YEARS! I'm looking forward to finishing it and creating something to hang in my home.
093. Clean up landscaping
--->I've been working on this and am going to finish it this week.
096., 097., 101. Private
--->These are done!

I gotta say, I'm pretty excited about how I'm kicking the ass of this list. There are a lot of items I've completed or am working on right now. There are some that I have plans for. There are some that I know I'm sort of forgetting about and I need to stay on top of them. I have some sewing goals, and as I go through my studio, then I know I'll knock them off the list. I'm going to keep updating monthly, and that'll definitely help me stay on task. This is so exciting!

First, we went back 500 years, and then we went back 1000 years!

For this weeks to do, I have SO MUCH! I didn't really finish last week's because there was just so much going on. I knew, pretty early on that I wouldn't finish the list. So I'm gonna get hardcore and have a massive list this week! (Tomorrow, I'm gonna break everything down to the day.)

Clean out the side yard. Dig up extra plants, move around the plants you're keeping.
Dig up everything where garbage cans are
Figure out the stump situation and make a budget for removing it
Remove the garden in the back yard
Figure out vegetable garden situation
Bring home Murphy cats
Do all Philosophy homework and back homework
Do all Math homework
Finish English paper
Finish design for English portfolio
Create logo for website
Create Twitter for Larry and Boo
Create separate IG for Larry and Boo
Create social media plan for Larry and Boo
Create and link up Twitter for Small Studio
Send estimate to Narissa and get photos of Neko
Edit Paige photo shoot
Plan shoots with Kendra
Sew messenger bag
Make rock key ring
Take necklace to Allie to fix
Photograph stuff for reselling
Check out wood in garage for shelves in studio
Organize studio
Sort fabric and make piles for types of projects

I photographed some dance, which is always super fun.


  1. Hooray for the Cleveland and Akron Marathon! I need to get back into training mode. Can't wait to build up mileage and get lost in runs. I think I've signed up for the Cleveland marathon before and couldn't run it. It's one of the several races that I've signed up for and couldn't do. *Sigh*. I had a list of marathons I've wanted to run, and I don't know if I can actually do that anymore. =( We'll see. I'm getting older! -Jess

    1. Girl, there are people way older than us who still run. I think you should keep doing it!