Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Goals

Last week was disappointing and that not disappointing. Here's what's up:

Marathon Training: I RAN TEN MILES! And I did it two weeks before I needed to! Whatever. It felt good. I did it with no issues and right on target for my pace. Ideally, I'd have been faster this round, but I just had so many new obstacles. I'm a month out from the race, and I can't stop working. I still need to do another ten miler to keep my legs working. But I know now that I'm totally capable of this next race, and I don't feel discouraged. I feel really good.


Last week's list... UGH! On my gardening day, it was rainy and cold and I didn't get it done. And then I remembered how I needed to buy more plants and get fertilizer. But no big deal. Planting in April is just a bit early, so if I don't get shit done until May, that's fine. Oh, but then my fucking landlord came over and fucked my shit up! He and his wife came over and just started blaming the previous tenants for not caring for the garden, which is bullshit. If they didn't tend to the garden, then neither did my landlord and why is he coming around here fucking now? So of course, the garden looks like shit because I dug up a bunch of the bushes and moved some of them and I need to buy more plants for it...and they covered it in mulch! Which I have to rake out so I can plant shit. It's fine, though. I'm gonna get all this shit together. So here is this week's list:

Run 3 miles
--->Since I'm going out of town, I'm not gonna do this. I'm gonna run two 5-milers this week.
Run 5 miles
Run 5 miles

Dig up, divide, and replant hostas
Plant ferns
IF the money comes, buy and plant ground cover
--->Nursery guy said shit won't be in for two weeks, so I guess I have to wait.
Create plans and budget for all other projects
--->Bought stump removal stuff, gonna wait on planning other things because car repairs

Do Philosophy homework
Do Math homework
Write paper for Freshman Seminar and submit
--->I decided not to do this. It's completely extra credit and I don't need it.
Apply for ten scholarships

Update Small Studio
Link Twitter to Small Studio
Measure animals and add to Storenvy

Craft, etc.
Pick out skirt patterns
Match fabric with skirt patterns
Sew patchworks for skirts
Collect top patterns


This week is not good for massive to do lists. I'm going to Indiana on Saturday and will be gone most of Friday and Sunday. So I gotta keep it small and try to get shit done, ESPECIALLY since I also have two photo shoots (plus two on Saturday). I'm fairly certain I will be back to massive to do lists next week! But this week, I gotta get shit done!


  1. I would like to mention...that I have never run 10 miles in my life...and probably NEVER WILL. Good job, Fenn! That's admirable, and I can't wait to see how the marathon goes for you!

    1. This year it's two half marathons. Next year is my next full! Thanks girl!