Monday, April 27, 2015

This week

This week, I had only one class (which took about twenty minutes) and one test. Now, I have other "classes" (online) and another test, but that's it. So I've decided it's the kind of week that warrants a super massive to do list! Also, since Friday is the first of the month, I'm gonna go ahead and update my 101 Things to do in 1001 Days!


Marathon Training : I took it easy this past week because I went out of town (which was awesome), but I still out in about ten miles. My half marathon is closer and so I've gotta hit ten miles this week. Then, I can take it easy and then HALF MARATHON! (Also a post party...are you coming?) I have new shoes and I'm feeling pretty good about it. I don't think I'll better my time at all, but afterwards, I'm hoping to work on speed and stuff.

This week:
Run 5 miles
Run 5 miles
Run 10 miles
--->Taken out by stomach virus


Yard work : I didn't do anything last week because I'm waiting for a better planting time and because I went out of town. But I have a few things on my list for this week, so I'm gonna get that shit done!

This week:
Remove stump (or begin process)
--->Turns out it's not a stump, yay! But it is a root and my first attempt at the process I decided on was a bust. Gotta reconoiter.
Dig up plants in back yard and remove dirt from back yard
Find options for shady corner of back yard and dirt corner of back yard
Map out and make plan for side yard
Research transplanting phlox and go get some! (Maybe)
Make plan and budget for pallet deck...
Find source for pallets/acquire pallets


School : So excited to be wrapping this up!!!

This week:
Redo math quizzes until you have 80% or higher on all quizzes
Finish math homework
Make math study sheet for final
Do Philosophy homework
Fill in missing Philosophy homework
Take Philosophy quiz
Check up on finals for everything else
Apply for Phi Theta Kappa
Go to FinAid and stand there until they check your shit and remove that damn flag
Enroll in summer classes
--->I realized I'm just too tired to do this. I've fought so much and I'm gonna use summer to do other things with my time.
Apply for 20 scholarships


Everything else : I mean, it totally looks like I have 800 million things to do besides all my personal crap, but whatever. I have the time to do it, so I wanna just try to kill it this week!

This week:
Burn furniture at Murphy house (hopefully)
Bring home lady cats
Cut out skirt patterns
Cut out all doll bodies
Buy more fabric for doll bodies (maybe)
Add measurements to animals on Store Envy
Photograph items for reselling
Edit photo shoots
Message Anne about plans for her shoots
Do Kendra's second shoot
Create Facebook group for models
Unfriend everyone on Facebook
Collect ideas for planner
Create basic layout for running planner
Create outline for social media e-book
Remove zipper from prom dress
Figure out grommet situation
Mount Adam's Romania posters
Figure out ideal hanging things for bedroom
Buy brackets for shelf in studio
Paint chest of drawers for bathroom
Set up bathroom
Figure out animal for KJ's purse and cut out
List mirror on Craigslist

...I might add to this list tomorrow, if I think of more things to do!