Friday, April 17, 2015

Winter Thaw

We're getting farther away from the time when it was so cold and snowy that going outside felt like a huge ordeal (though I still did it) and closer to the time when it's going to be hot enough that going outside will feel like a huge ordeal (though I will still go swimming). We're in the in between where it could be sunny and shorts weather or chilly and cloudy and jeans and long sleeve t-shirt weather. We're in that time when the temperature could drop or rise 20 degrees in one day, because that's just how it is around here when everything is in transition.

When the thaw started, I was out in North Central Ohio and there were just so many beautiful things happening with the fields and the melting snow and the clouds. It's hard to capture the perfect moments of transition, especially in a place where everything can change so quickly from one day to the next. This year, when the thaw hit, most of the snow disappeared within two days. Luckily, I was out and about and managed to capture some of its beauty.


  1. Gosh, beauty.... I want so badly to get out. But even 9 weeks (almost!) in, I'm finding it hard.