Wednesday, May 13, 2015

1989 Fashion Sneak Peek

Taylor Swift did the first concert in her 1989 World Tour in Tokyo and there are images on the line! I wanted to take some time to review some of the outfits she's wearing in her show. Taylor has always been a fashion icon, and I've enjoyed watching her grow and mature. I really appreciated her modest and vintage looks from her early 20s and I'm digging where she's headed now. I think it's interesting that she's showing more skin but also managing not to be overtly sexual. OK, here's what's happening:

It should probably come as no surprise that she's wearing crop tops and skater skirts in her show, since she's been wearing them a lot otherwise. There are some bold colors and shiny metallics happening too.



Pants are a new look in this show. Yes, Taylor has been caught in skinny jeans and oxfords during her Red Tour, but she hasn't worn pants very often in her performances. On this tour, she's sporting some sick cat suits of the leather and sparkle variety. It's strange to see her in these costumes, because I'm so used to her being in dresses.



Of course, she's sporting shorts just like she did on the Red Tour.



Then there are her more revealing costumes. There's a lot of sparkle and a lot of fringe and baring a lot of skin, but I'm really digging it.



And of course, everything is sparkles...layered in sequins and sparkled out, because that is what Tay does! Did you see those little boots she's wearing that are all sequined up? Yeah, awesome. For the Red Tour, it was sequined oxfords and now it's little boots. I love all the sparkles she adds to everything, it totally makes me wanna go buy a Bedazzler! Of course now I have to go hunt down videos from the tour to see how her songs are going live.

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