Thursday, May 21, 2015

Beep and the Bathroom

So, Beep (and Jock) live in my attic bedroom. It's the kind that goes across the top of the house and you can stand in the middle, but the walls are sloped. There's a great dormer where my bed is and even an actual closet. But Beep loves to explore, with caution. Because Lulu, the motherfucking terror, lives in the rest of the house and will attack the shit out of him...even to the point of biting him and causing injury that required a vet visit. But it's fine, because the attic is big and Beep and Jock have lots of fun up there. Still, when I open the attic door, sometimes Beep is just ready to explore. Some days, I take him into my studio while I work, where I can close the door from Lulu. Some days, I take him into the bathroom while I shower, where he can get up to his own shenanigans in the built in drawers and cabinet.

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