Thursday, May 14, 2015

Clothing Review : Black Milk Leggings

Last fall, I splurged and bought myself two pairs of Black Milk leggings. Black Milk is a company I have loved for a long time. I found out about them several years ago. They're an Australian company and when I found them, they had just started shipping to the U.S. I loved what they were making but was nervous. They're not cheap, $60-$80 each, and how would I know about the quality? A few years after I had been following them and dreaming of buying a pair, I met a girl in a club who was wearing their leggings. I knew right away they were Black Milk because their leggings are very recognizable. She and I had a conversation about quality and size and I was able to touch the fabric. From then on, I had no worries. I knew I'd buy myself a pair someday. Last fall, someday finally came!

For starters, the packaging is awesome. They send stickers and a letter that talks about how awesome I am because I bought a pair. Their return policy is either the amount of the leggings or the amount plus 10% if you're going to buy another pair. The 10% helps pay for the shipping on your new pair. They have a base in L.A. now, so the wait for U.S. leggings is not ridiculous and their site finally lists things in U.S. dollars as well.



Almost immediately, they became my everyday "pants". I wore these leggings EVERYWHERE, hiking, moving furniture, just being out and about. I have to say that I love the quality. When I received my leggings, the letter mentioned what not to do. I'm not supposed to snag my leggings or be too rough with them, which I'm not. Wash on cold, air dry, which I do. But you know, life happens. On the very first day of wearing my giraffe leggings, I had to run over to my brother's house where his dog jumped on me and tore two tiny holes in my leggings. I was SO MAD! But the great thing is those holes have stayed the same size, no fraying, no further tearing, despite many washings. I did wear my leggings with my cowboy boots which had become rough inside, and they scuffed up the bottoms of my leggings. So I caution about footwear, because the leggings will wear if something rough is against them. After four months of constant wearing, my galaxy leggings started to come apart at the seems in between the thighs. This is actually normal wear, but it bummed me out. I had to remind myself that four months of wearing leggings for as many as 5 days in a week is a LOT of wear. I just gave them to a friend who has a serger and she serged the seams again and they are good as new!



I'm always a little nervous when it comes to online shopping. I like to touch and try on. I was afraid of the size situation and I did have to return my first pair of galaxies for the next size up. I ended up with a large in the high waisted giraffe but and XL in the galaxy leggings. I don't know why. I think that an exchange is pretty normal when learning about a new company. The customer service was awesome and the extra 10% paid for the shipping. Everything came right on time. I love the fit and the quality of the leggings. I will say, they are not very warm. I wore tights under them in the winter and it wasn't good enough for extreme cold days. In fact, I think I'll wear these leggings in the summer because they actually keep me pretty cool.


What I'm saying is that $120 was absolutely worth it. I fucking love my leggings and I'm still wearing them on the regular after over six months of owning them. They have held up to the abuse I give them. They still have great color. I expect things to wear in my inner thighs because chub rub, so the one repair did not bother me at all. Plus, I receive compliments every time I wear them because they are so awesome!