Friday, May 29, 2015

Finding a FURever home

I'm pretty sure that 99% of my "audience" for this blog is friends and family...and all of you know how much I love animals and CATS! Anyone who has known me for any length of time has probably seen me rescue and find homes for many cats. In college, I was totally known as the Crazy Cat Lady, and I was proud of that! I've rescued over 30 cats and founds homes for all of them. I love finding cats in parking lots, the woods, even in car engines and finding them a perfect home. Most cats I have rescued and adopted out go to fantastic homes and I've received updates for a year or more. The past few years, I've done less adopting because we've had a house full of cats. Nevertheless, we've found cats in the area and found homes for them or managed to keep know Beep! Since we moved into a larger house with more space, we've recently opened up our home to five more cats. (YES, FIVE!) We have adopted Jock, whom you've probably seen in my IG feed. He and Beep are great friends. We've taken in a long-term foster, Rosa, a very fluffy kitty who hangs out with Jock and Beep. We've also taken in three calicos from a home that had too many cats. The house was just full and the cats were damaging the home, so mom and I agreed to take them in and to find them homes.

But life doesn't always go as you plan, does it? We recently took all three girls to the vet in order to get them vaccinated, tested for any longterm illnesses, and spayed. However, one of the calicos, was not having it. She was extremely aggressive, lashing out at me, as I maneuvered her into the carrier. When we took her to the vet, we warned them of her aggression. They were able to get her out of the carrier but not able to vaccinate her or do the blood work required to prep her for surgery. We're currently looking for other options, but we might have to accept the possibility that she's too aggressive for a vet visit.


Similarly, we have two torties, Molly and Lulu, who live in the home. We've had these girls since they were born of two feral cats in Jacksonville, Florida. Originally, we had Sushi, Molly, and Lulu. Lulu grew out of her feral state and became very much like any pet cat. Sushi, who was rescued at an older age, never really stopped being feral. He was always very scared, though docile, and just very special. We had tried to find him a home in Jacksonville, but it didn't work out. Similarly, Molly has always been somewhat skittish. All three of them have remained a bonded trio. When we had to put down Sushi, it was a rough day. Molly and Sushi were really bonded and we worried how that would affect her. But Molly and Lulu have remained very tight and Molly has come out of her shell more. Meanwhile, as we've rescued or fostered kitties, we've discovered the Lulu is NOT INTERESTED in any other pets. We keep Beep and Jock separate from Molly and Lulu, because fights will happen...and not fights they get over, either. Beep has been bitten by Lulu and required a vet visit. Lulu's presence in the home inhibits our ability to adopt and/or foster kitties. We currently keep the three calicos in the basement, and sometimes, Lulu will hiss and growl at the door when one of them is near it.


Understanding this, we've decided to try to find a home for Molly and Lulu. Yes, we've had them for six years and we love them, but yes, we feel like there could be a really great home situation for them with owners who have a different lifestyle from us. The thing is, I'm never going to say no to a cat in need, but Lulu makes it more difficult to be flexible. We think that finding Molly and Lulu a home with no other pets and owners who do not happen upon so many cats in need, might just be a perfect situation for everyone. So, I've posted a Craigslist ad, linked that on Facebook, posted on Reddit, and am going to make some flyers for some local vet offices. And maybe you can help!??

Feel free to share this post on your Facebook or Twitter or Google+. Or e-mail it to anyone who you think might be in the market for a bonded pair of beautiful torties. If you're in NEOhio and you're interested, I will have to meet you in your home first. There is no exception to this rule. I require a home visit and interview before I will even consider adopting out my cats. After that, if I feel you might be a good fit, you can come to our home and meet the girls. We can talk more about their needs and their home life, and if we feel it's a good fit, we will adopt them to you. We can give the new owners a litter box, food bowls, and a few toys.

Lulu the Terrorist

OK community, let's do this. Let's find some awesome owners for our beautiful torties and let those calicos out of the basement!

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