Monday, May 18, 2015

Goals and a Video

Before I go into this week's list, I need to post Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" video because it premiered last night and I thought it was totally awesome! I LOVE that Kendrick Lamar redid the verses. I thought that was super cool. I also love that it stayed within a smaller window of time, because I don't need 7-minute videos, you know? Lots of people disagreed, but I thought this was totally packed in just the right ways and totally different in just the right ways. So yes, I've watched it a dozen times already!

So for this list, I went back until January and collected everything I haven't done as well as adding as I went along. I think this is more than a week's list, so I want to start rolling over items to ensure I'm completing everything I want to complete. This is a rest week since I ran a half marathon on Sunday. I don't actually feel like I need to rest my muscles, but I have tons of blisters on my feet and chafing all over as well, so I need to give my skin a break!

Do Sun Salutation routine on 3 days : 1, 2, 3

Photography/Web Stuff
Edit Karina's shoots : 1, 2
Do photo shoots with Paige and Kendra : 1, 2, 3
Make changes to blog as outlined in Steph's analysis
--->FUCK THIS! I don't want that shit.
Add to website
Send Larry and Boo FB to me
Maintain Larry and Boo Twitter
Measure animals and add measurements to Storenvy
Look into promoting Storenvy
Create Pinterest account for Larry and Boo
Finish tasks on Margaret's website

Blog/Computer Stuff
Half Marathon Review
Stop Buying Blog Shit
College : Semester 1 Review
Wedding Planning
List Craigslist items
Clean out book marks
Clean out phone
Clean out ENTIRE email account
Fill in weekend calendar (shows and stuff with Adam)
Write guest posts for Steph
Outline running planner
Outline social media e-book
Upload all IG photos and bank all blog posts
Clean up desktop
Organize all folders on hard drive
Set up books for printing
Research more printing places

Sewing and Crafting
Sew all cloth diapers
Cut out dresses
Sew blue skirt
Clean up/out desk
Bring quilt out
Collect all fleece and put diaper cover patterns with it
Sew all sling bodies (not pleats)
Cut out all doll bodies
Sew all parts of prom dress then take dress and grommets to Kendra
Figure out animal for KJ's purse
Find pattern for baby snuggy thing
Cut out eyes for animals
Make rock key ring
Pick animal for next canvas
Finish the girls' coats on the painting
Finish painting mirror and mount
Hang cameras in bathroom (if can get 3M hooks)
Gather ingredients for two different cakes
Gather ingredients for one Chipotle-esque recipe

Weed whack yard
Look into dandelion removal options
Plant more ground cover (if we can)
Price palettes and create budget for deck
Get Adam and Ryan on the tree root

Put together list of ALL the trails
Take Financial Aid Document to school
Clean Murphy home and bring home Adam's stuff
Mail Narissa's package
Make wedding check list and add to calendar (make it cute and fun)
Clean house

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