Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Let's talk about poop

This is part of my ongoing series giving advice to beginning runners. Anything medical should be directed to a licensed professional, which I am not. I just have a different perspective that is not often represented. You can read all my posts here.

Today, I'm gonna keep it shorter and sweeter than I have and quickly talk about...POOP!

Yeah, so pooping is a thing that affects runners. I don't know if it affects distance runners more than others, but it definitely affected ALL my runs from the start. So, running constricts the blood vessels in the intestines and causes everything to be pushed down faster. It's like caffeine, but more annoying because it can interrupt what you're doing!

For me, in the beginning, I had to plan my routes with a bathroom at the first mile and then again at the third mile. Now that it's been a little while, I can plan my runs with a bathroom at 3 miles and sometimes even go 5 miles before needing to poop. Oh, and I mean the kind that you can feel coming and is not gonna stop and you just gotta get to the bathroom right now!


If this happens to you, don't feel awkward or embarrassed! It's totally common. So common that Reebok (I think) made a series of ads in the 70s targeted at distance runners and one of them was definitely someone squatting behind a tree. (Maybe it was for a quick pee, but I like to think that lady was pooping...and no, I cannot find them online right now!)

This is just a heads up that running might make you need to poop, RIGHT NOW! And that's ok and normal! Just plan your routes with some bathrooms until you're sure how your body will react to your running! Oh, and you could change your diet, I guess. But why? Running poops will clear you out and make you feel great! Just poop and keep running!

(Related : It's only diarrhea if you have at least three watery poops. So it's not "runner's diarrhea," ok? It's just an awesome quick poop!)


  1. Haha! I just recently got back into running longer distances and what do you know... LOL