Thursday, May 28, 2015

Meeting Victoria

So, the weekend of my half marathon, another cool thing happened. I met, Victoria!!! Victoria and I have been blogger friends for maybe even two years now, I think?! I'm not sure. We've grown close over the year or so that we've known each other, talking through e-mail and texting and Facebook messenger. I love talking to Victoria about life stuff and mental health stuff. She's currently embarking on a new career, and it's nice to talk with her about what's happening and offer any advice I may have. So when she was going to be in town during my half marathon weekend because of a wedding, I knew we'd have to get together!



Victoria came down with her husband, Joel, which was cool, because Adam was with me that weekend anyway. It was a couple's day! Victoria asked what was cool to do in Akron...and especially considering the rain of that weekend, we decided to stay inside-ish and do a tour of Stan Hywet Hall before checking out our wedding venue (which Adam also saw for the first time) and then having dinner at Retro Dog.



I had assured Victoria and Joel that doing a self-guided tour of Stan Hywet was the best option because it was cheaper...and since I've gone at least once a year since I was in third grade, I figured I could be the tour guide. I'm not sure if I was a great tour guide, though. I know the basics, but the rooms have been rearranged and I found myself saying, "You know, old, antique crap made to look like Tudor crap...fancy crap for big parties." I'm fairly certain the docents don't say "crap" as much as I do, if at all. But I hope I got the point across! We also walked the grounds a bit, in spite of the light rain. We found a geocache, without even trying! We discovered a new play area down by the greenhouse. It's designed for kids, but we played anyway!



It was a little strange, meeting Victoria in person. She's a lot quieter than I expected. Her husband is an extrovert and he was very active in the conversation, not shy at all, and I felt a little taken aback. I'm so used to talking only with Victoria, via text, where the exchange of words is generally equal, and having an extra person there changed the dynamic! (I mean, obviously.) But her husband is actually really fun and cool...and has a fantastic ass! We had a really great time. Conversation was easy, and it was just nice to hang out with someone in person with whom I communicate so often online.

Now, I wanna meet ERRYBODY!!



  1. THIS IS SO CUTE AND FUN!!!!! I can't wait until we meet! I wanna meet all the loud ladies!!

  2. I think those anonymous commenters misunderstand you. Also, when you speak your mind in a way that isn't conducive to what other people think or to what is politically correct, I think that is where a lot of your "anonymous" backlash comes from. Not that you care, I was just making an observation. You're an INFJ, and you are a unique personality type- so I think you can be easily misunderstood. I say that as if I'm an expert on personality types or something....

    This is a happy event, and Victoria and her hubs look so cute! So glad you two got to meet and a Loud Ladies gathering should be in order! I'm not going to volunteer to arrange that one because lately I haven't been able to keep any commitments! ;/

    1. Maybe. I know I rub people the wrong way, but I don't always know why. The way I speak doesn't bother me, if someone speaks that way to me. But people seem to think it would and often make me out to be a larger villain than I am.

      Girl, yes! I really wanna put together a retreat, so maybe I'll be the one arranging it!