Saturday, May 16, 2015

That proposal

A week ago, last Friday, Adam and I went to this really beautiful park out in Erie County. (For some reference, here's a map. I currently live in Summit County, which is two counties away from Erie County.) Adam is from Erie County and worked in their Metroparks during college. He knows all the parks and all the little trails and interesting bits that the casual park goer might not know. He knows things like when the floor of the park will be carpeted with blue bells and where the awesomely ginormous sycamores are. The kind that make me step back and say, "Holy shit! That is a fucking HUGE sycamore! Oh man, I want to build a fucking house in that thing!"



So, obviously, when I saw that particular sycamore, I had to set up a selfie. DUH! I told Adam where to stand and started building my make shift tripod using his digital camera and my film camera as a stand. I set the ten seconds on my iPhone, ran under the sycamore and posed, smiling at the camera. It was in that ten seconds, that Adam pulled out a little jewelry box and asked me something about forever...or maybe the rest of my life. I think it was the rest of my life. I can't remember, because I was distracted because he was INTERRUPTING MY SELFIE GAME! (Selfies are extremely important, obviously.) I know I said yes, but it was a distracted yes. But I did manage to open the box and see this really pretty little necklace in there. Or maybe he opened the box. It was a blur, because I was focused on PHOTOS!


You should know that wedding rings are a fucking lame tradition that means NOTHING and also a total scam. They have become commonplace because of a DeBeer's ad. Y'all, we have been duped into spending thousands of dollars on a fucking ring, because of some brilliant marketing from the 30s. Prior to that, engagement rings symbolized a woman being marked as property. But no one is buying or selling me, so I didn't want a fucking ring. Adam also agrees with the utter bullshit that is engagement rings.

Adam bought a necklace instead. It's a claddagh, which is an Irish symbol of friendship and love. I've actually always had a claddagh ring throughout my life. When one breaks, I replace it with another. My claddagh broke recently, which is a bummer, but it's so nice to have a new one. I like the symbolism. I like the green jewel. I like that it's a necklace, so I'm not marked as anyone's property.

So instead of a ring in the jewelry box, there was the beautiful little necklace. It's small and it sits just at the right spot on my chest. It's very dainty, unlike me.

After I managed a distracted agreement to Adam's proposal, and I think I went back and checked on the photos, Adam reiterated the proposal and I gave a more definite yes and put on the necklace. All I'm saying is, don't expect me to be really focused when you interrupt my selfie game!

The 10-photo burst of the proposal included the perfect frames wherein it actually happened.


After the proposal, we continued to enjoy the little park. I found a perfect place where there were bluebells everywhere and we could be knee-deep in blue bells for a magical selfie.



We finished walking the little trail that led past a frog pond. There were green frogs galore, making their banjo churp sound. Then we found a little picnic table in the shade and had some fancy rootbeer. As we drank rootbeer and talked, I learned that Adam knew I would take a selfie under that specific sycamore, which is his favorite sycamore in the whole world, and he knew he'd propose during one of my selfies. Tricksy bastard. But it was pretty perfect, because we have a recording of the actual moment, which is pretty fucking cool.


HOWEVER, I kinda knew it was coming. After we decided we were going to get married someday but also that Adam wanted to formally propose, I became the most impatient motherfucker ever. I'm a doer, and when something has been decided, I wanna do it right now! But I waited for the snow to melt and the flowers to bloom. Earlier in the week, Adam told me we just had to go to this spot in Erie County, along the Huron River, because of magical blue bells. I suspected that would be the day. On our way out, I noticed a jewelry box in his pocket. So as we went down to the park, my stomach was full of butterflies, hoping that I was right, and that would be the official day. It turns out I was, but even knowing what was coming, it was still a surprise the way it happened. As impatient as I am, and as much as I would've been fine making a mutual decision while lying in bed and talking, I have to admit that I also loved the way it happened.

Adam and I are very outdoorsy because we have a love of nature. We love Ohio the mostest and we both feel very close ties to our home counties and towns. Being out in one of his favorite spots that he knew would look a certain way under a tree he knew I would love, there's something stupidly romantic about that, right? And romance is nice afterall.


  1. Awwww! That's so perfect!! I loved reading this. I'm so happy for you two!

  2. Beautiful, like both of you! I can't wait to get to know you better Fenna. I'm glad you guys bring each other so much happiness. The selfies are priceless

    1. Thanks girl! I agree. I'm so glad we have those pictures, they're such great memories!

  3. LOVE THIS!!! Congrats!!!! I love the meaning behind the necklace too! You're so sneaky you saw the box I swear I looked for ones forever then said fuck it, and gave up haha

    1. Well, he had it in his front pocket! But thanks girl. I love all the things about this...except waiting forever! But it was worth the wait.