Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Do you ever have one of those days where nothing seems to go right? Or maybe a week that looks good on the surface, but something goes wrong every day, just sort of undermining the situation? That's how I've felt these last couple of days. On Thursday, I finished making a batch of cloth diapers, so I had 25 diapers to get started on expanding the business...but I made them all wrong. They weren't salvageable either. I tossed them, which I know I could've done something else, but sometimes you gotta get rid of shit and move on. On Friday and on Monday, I didn't write blog posts that I wanted to write, making me behind my own personal schedule, which is just frustrating. Today, I went to Cleveland to drop off one piece of financial aid paperwork that is really not getting anything done, because it's not the right document...and I have to wait a few months on the next document. I had to wait over an hour to take a bus ride home that takes over an hour (though there was nappage). Just tiring. And the weekend? Adam and I did lots of fun stuff, but I was frustrated by little things quite often and I was snappy or rude or argumentative when I could've been honest about my frustration and just been nicer. You know? Just an annoying few days.

But really, the weekend was fun. I explored the back of Sandusky Bay, checking out these tiny little shithole towns and getting a few geocaches...which is made more difficult by my lack of phone service. On Monday, we went up to South Bass Island and Put-in-Bay, a place we both love. We scored a free golf cart from his old boss and grabbed some geocaches (though with my new, no-service way, couldn't find some of them), ate some yummy food, and enjoyed the sunshine. It was a good weekend, just one in which I was a little bit of a different person, you know?

I have to go back into training for my fall half marathon starting tomorrow, since I missed running on Monday. Right now, I'm baking a test recipe for a possible DIY wedding cake next year. I haven't baked many cakes, and it's a longer process than I realized! I'm sure I'll write a recap when I figure out what I'm baking. Wish me luck! Tomorrow; back on that cloth diaper game but making them right! So yes, this week will get back on track and the frustrations will fade, like they always do. In the meantime : my pug mascot will get me through!!!

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