Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Don't touch me

Today, this thing happened, and I kind of flipped out.

I was standing in close proximity to other people, my back turned. Suddenly, one of them reached up and touched me. He said, "You have grass in your hair," and proceeded to pull the grass out. I flipped out. I turned around and snatched the "grass" from his hand and said, "I PUT IT THERE!" Total bitch mode. Then I took it one step further. I said, "This is my head, why would you touch it? Don't touch me. This is my body. WHY WOULD YOU TOUCH SOMEONE ELSE'S BODY!?" Then I walked away.

I'm completely unsorry I flipped the fuck out. Everyone around him was shocked and he was stunned into silence and I could not care less.

Later, as I retold the story, someone noticed that someone else touching me moments before put me on edge. (I was doing emergency training for the National Guard and one of the guardsmen got a little too aggressive.) The thing is, someone touching me should not be excused away. Consent is not something that is flexible given the situation.

For fuck's sake, what is it that makes people think they can touch someone for any reason? It drives me crazy! I will never hesitate to freak the fuck out when someone touches me without permission. Sexually or not, this is my fucking body and you need consent to touch it.

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