Monday, June 1, 2015


It's the first of the month and that means I update you on ALL THE THINGS! I've got my 101 Things Update (which is going so well and I love this monthly update format) and I've decided to change it up...instead of doing a weekly to do list, I'm gonna make a MASSIVE monthly one. As I finish items, I'll slash them out and delete them from the list and follow it through the month. I'll be able to see everything and whatever is not getting done, I can get that shit done! The running and exercise will end up being added each week, obvs, but all the other goals will keep rolling over.

There's a LOT of stuff to do, but I can do it!


Marathon Training and College : I'm heading into training for my second half marathon, Akron Marathon. But I'm not in college. I'm planning on dedicating the extra time to training as well as working on Larry and Boo's Emporium. I have always been a bit of a lazy runner, and I want to be more dedicated. I'm also trying to work on speed. I hope to finish this half marathon at under a 15-minute mile. I know how slow that sounds, but that's how slow I am! I'm trying to incorporate hill running AND working on my speed walking. When I walk, my time drops far too much. I also need to find a good solution to blisters. So far, the end of every race has been the most painful because I have blisters. I want to fix that! Since, I'm not in college, I've decided to give myself a reading list. I'm trying to finish three series of books. I want to read at least one book per week, so I'm putting that on my goals. I need to incorporate yoga into my daily routine as well. It's weird because I love doing yoga and the way it makes me feel, but I have a hard time getting started. I don't know why! Gonna work on that.

I sewed ALL of these cloth diapers wrong! I have to start over!

As usual...101 Things Update:
original list posted here:

003. Paint studio : June Goal
006. Build shelves in studio : June Goal
---> I've been reorganizing and cleaning my studio. Things move out to somewhere else, things get stored there. Fabric gets added. But I'm just annoyed that it doesn't feel good. So I'm making this a June goal because I want to get my studio in order. I want things in storage displayed and I want my working space to feel good, so I want to put this together in June.

007. Refinish director's chair : June Goal
---> This goes with my studio stuff, because this is a piece of furniture in my studio.

010. Frame and hang Adam's Romania posters : DONE!
--->I wanted to use 3M hooks, but I ended up using nails because I was impatient!

013. Hang hammock : DONE!
--->Sort of. Adam and I sat on it together and broke the bolt! Gotta redo this one.

015. Redo landscaping around house : Nearly done.
--->I've added a bunch of plants and just have to wait to see how they do. Weeding is a bunch of work! I also have a patch that needs more plants and have to wait until I have budget for that.

016. Remove stump and pave area in front of steps : June goal
--->I hit a road bump and have to reconnoiter. I wanna get this done this month!

019. Create line of dolls : June goal
--->I'm totally working on this right now!

023. Make cloth diaper start-up kit : Summer goal
024. Sell cloth diaper start-up kit : Summer goal
--->I definitely fucked up a huge step in this process. But I have new materials and am going to start over. This is a summer goal. I wanted to debut this in July, but I'm not sure that's going to happen. But I'm going to have this done by Christmas shows.

026. Make baby blanket/snuggy/thing : June Goal
--->I messed up a massive chunk of cloth diapers and had to redo them, so I just didn't get to this. I'm gonna make it a June goal and stick with it.

037. Visit Steph : June Goal
--->Steph will be in Detroit in June, so I'm trying to get the gas money together because I definitely have someone who will give me a ride!

045. Finish Renaissance Costume : Nearly Done!
--->I have the prom dress finished! I sent it out to a friend to add grommets. And then it's just a matter of finishing the rest of the costume!

051. Read 50% of personal library : Working on this
---> Since I'm not in college this summer, I've set a summer reading list (and I think I'll write a post about that tomorrow). Sadly, most of the books aren't in my personal library! But I'm trying to read a book a week. And then I'll probably make a fall list!

065. Hike all the trails in all the Metroparks of Cleveland and Summit County : Summer Goal
066. Hike every trail in CVNP : Summer Goal
--->I'm putting this on my June goals...making a list of everything and following it. Adam and I have hiked a bunch of them, but I think we can really knock them out this summer, honestly!

067. Go kayaking : Summer goal
--->Turns out, mom really wants to go kayaking, so I'm making this a summer goal for the two of us!

069. Run one more marathon : Next winter/spring goal
--->Right now, I'm trying to find the right marathon, because I want to run it before May of next year. So if I get signed up, then I know I'll run it!

042. Put together ideal equipment situation : Yearlong Goal
---> Still working on this

052. Try out reselling business : DONE!
---> I ditched this. There were a lot of reasons not to do this. There was question about the possibility of making money and a lot of issues with time. This is not going to happen.

070. Run two half marathons : Summer Goal
---> Finished the first!!! Training starts next week for the second!

076. Begin Project Life for Yourself (or Blurb) : Summer Goal
---> There is a lot to consider in cost and I need to do more research, so I'm gonna put the research part on my June goals.


Finally, this is my June Month Goals that I will follow throughout the month to accomplish EVERYTHING! I believe I can do this!

01. Finish cutting out all doll bodies and diaper materials
02. Take out quilt and put in noticeable place to keep in front of mind
03. Set up bathroom
04. Package all packages and address
05. Hang all artwork in bedroom
06. Set up shelves in studio
07. Paint studio
08. Set up work surfaces in studio
09. Hang all decorations in studio
10. Get pics from Narissa for Neko painting
11. Start dog portrait
12. Finish Sushi and girls
13. Gather pics from Jen for kitty portraits
14. Create plan for improved website
15. Outline social media and blogging business posts
16. Post measurements on Storenvy
17. Post items for sale on Craigslist
18. Figure out animal for KJ's purse and cut out
19. Cut out dresses
20. Sew dresses
21. Continue working on quilt
22. Go through stuff with Adam
23. Make the rest of the t-shirt diapers
24. Make all the cloth diapers (correctly)
25. Ship diapers to Christen
26. Sew all the slings (bodies first, pleats second)
27. Refurbish director's chair
28. Replace knobs in bathroom
29. Find mirror for bathroom
30. Hang cameras and artwork in bathroom
31. "Frame" Adam's other posters
32. Redo Adam's toy box
33. Clean and repair Adam's dresser
34. Clean out Adam's closet
35. Start looking for rugs for bedroom
36. Find homes for Molly and Lulu
37. Continue with gardening projects
38. Do three Sun Salutations per week
39. Finish updates to Margaret's website
40. Get going on planner stuff
41. Edit all photo shoots
42. Do shoot with Anne
43. Figure out where to promote senior and family portraits
44. Post one original Facebook post to Larry and Boo's Emporium each week
45. Create paperwork for Larry and Boo's Emporium
46. Begin recording social media info for all businesses
47. Create logo for Beep's Babes
48. Look into blogging for Larry and Boo's Emporium
49. Run 1, 3, and 3 miles


  1. omg! that list is a mile long. I admire your determination to get things done. If only I could be as detailed as you. xx

    1. You know, I just write it all out and then go for it! If something doesn't get done for a long ass time, I usually get rid of it. But this helps me just keep trucking!