Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Recent Work : Custom Dolls

So, it's 6 minutes until midnight and I'm definitely not writing a longer post, right? So I go looking through everything I have banked and I'm thinking of putting up a "wise words," when I see some "recent work" posts sitting way down at the bottom of my banked posts. And by recent, I mean, before last December! Which is to say, I should be more on top of shit!

For Christmas last year, my best friend commissioned three custom dolls to look like her nieces. I made them and they were a big hit! I purposely made the dolls look like the nieces, and I trolled their parents' Instagram accounts so I could even find the right clothes and everything. I picked Easter outfits, I believe.

They were such a big hit that my boss commissioned one of her daughter too! This made me think that maybe there is a market for custom dolls...or for handmade dolls made to look like actual little girls (and boys, who knows). So, I'm currently working on a line of dolls. I'm really excited. I've bought a bunch of fabric for the doll bodies, and it's been so much fun picking out a rainbow of skin tones...including soft fabrics and prints! I think I'm going to paint on the faces to save time and also because I think it'll be really lovely. But I'm not to that phase yet. I'm currently just cutting out doll bodies. I hope to debut the dolls later in the summer, but if I have to do it at Christmas, that's ok too! I'll keep you abreast of my progress, and actually make those updates really recent!

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