Thursday, June 11, 2015

Review : Ion vs. Manic Panic

Back in winter, I went to Sally's and there was no Manic Panic in my usual color. Total bummer. So I bought Ion. Supposedly, it's just as good...but NO! To be fair, it's cheaper. But the color came out really light and just not very good. In fact, I should've bought two to really cover all of my hair. We ran out about 3/4 of the way. Which is annoying, because one jar of Manic Panic can do my hair twice! Verdict : I'll stick with Manic Panic. Below, I've got a picture of my hair done with Manic Panic and then one with Ion. You'll see the difference.

Manic Panic


You can see a little bit in the lower left corner of the bottom photo that there is still an orange coming through the Ion. Also, it faded REALLY quickly. For me, it was a waste of money, but I could see how it might make sense for a naturally blonde who wanted to experiment with color without the commitment of bleach and permanency. As much as Manic Panic is "semi-permanent" and it does fade, it also requires bleaching to look good and the color never totally fades until you dye over it and grow it out. So Ion is, I guess, for those not totally committed to brightly colored hair...or a waste of money.

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