Friday, June 5, 2015


Have you ever felt stalled? Like maybe you're waiting for something. You have to be patient, you know it will happen, but what do you do in the meantime? And everything you do just feels like wasting time?

I've felt that way for a while now. I'm not training for a full marathon because I wasn't ready a few weeks ago. Instead, I'm doing two halves and will continue from my second half on to full training.

I had some financial aid issues, which were my fault, and now I have to wait a bit until everything is resolved. I have to make 6 months worth of payments. I can't take summer school. I just have to wait for it to sort itself out.

My license is suspended. I had a rough year and managed to earn 12 points for a suspension. It's not even a huge deal. Just wait, retake the test, take a remedial course ($60), pay reinstatement fees ($40), and I'm good again.

Even the wedding is a year away, and I sort of want it NOW!

I think, because I'm such a doer...I go hard at every's hard when I have to wait for something. It feels like jumping through hoops. But I want to fast forward. I feel that way about this blog right now. I have THOUGHTS and PROJECTS in mind, but they are not ready yet. I have to yet stuff marinate before I can write about it.

That's where I am right now, stalled. Just waiting. But I did receive a super awesome phone call just now. The honors committee at my community college wants to give me a fellowship which is a full ride. COLOR ME SUPER EXCITED! Just one hiccup: When I took the placement tests last fall, I didn't place into college math. This is because I haven't had a math class in 18 years. I couldn't even remember the formulas! But I took a math class this last semester and I'm so glad I did! I have to retake the placement test on Monday. I feel like, with a little studying, I can crush this test and get that money.

But first, of course, I have to wait.


  1. Hey Hun, enjoyed reading this tho I am sorry all these bad things happened to you. It sucks when you want to do something but can't so fed feel for you. Congrats on the wedding tho!! Hope things get better soon xx

  2. It's not bad things that have happened to me, it's just life. Sometimes, you just have to wait around. And I'm impatient!