Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

For my birthday, and very belated due to various problems, Adam took me to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and then to Dave and Busters. Surprisingly, the museum was not super fun. It was crowded and noisy which really, really bothered two bathroom breaks to hide out in a stall and recover from all the crowds. There was an AMAZING exhibit in the main, central aisle, about endangered species. It was a photography exhibit with TONS of information, but the placement of it in the main aisle made it extremely noisy and crowded and hard to enjoy. The Mammoth exhibit was not very good, geared toward kids, I guess. We saw a movie which was kind of boring and also full of screaming kids. This was a day where many parents should have fucking stayed home.

But in the basement, it was much quieter and full of interesting bugs and whatnot. At the end, we visited the gift shop where Adam bought me a fantastic stuffed Brontosaurus, whom I named Ruth Benedict after the famous anthropologist. We went out to Dave and Busters, which was also crowded and loud...but we expected that. We had a lot of fun playing video games and air hockey. Even though it was a few weeks late, it was a really, really fun birthday. And now...PHOTOS!!!

This exhibit was good and poorly placed

This exhibit was not very good

Ohio moths!

Ruth Benedict!

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