Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Food Review : Casa del Rio

Casa del Rio is a Mexican restaurant in my hometown. I try to get out there when I can, because it's really my favorite Mexican restaurant. It has better food and better service than anything here in Akron. Adam and I went there recently and had the best time. Everyone on the staff was friendly and quick to help. It didn't matter who my server was, if I needed a drink, the closest staff member refilled it. That just NEVER happens anymore. The restaurant is clean and efficient and serves awesome food. Before we left, Adam and I called over the manager to compliment the staff and the restaurant. He had a little conversation with us. He was super friendly and really appreciative of our kinds words. If you're in the Akron-ish area, a trip out to Wadsworth from some Mexican eats, is well worth the drive. Casa del Rio is right on 94, just south of 76!


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