Thursday, July 30, 2015

For today!

Yesterday was supposed to be a good day. I was gonna run, say my good-byes to Adam (he was over the night before), and then get to work! I was really, really, really going to get some sewing shit done. And then do you know what happened? Mother nature intervened in the form of my period and some seriously painful cramps. Adam and I got up and went to this awesome tailor where he was measured and we picked out fabric for his wedding suit. It was a FANTASTIC experience! I came home and indulged in junk food, took a nap, and did nothing more but water the garden. I didn't feel guilty, exactly, just like I want to get shit done. So I did what I always do at the end of the day and visited my to do list from Monday. There was nothing to cross off. So I'm going to write out today exactly what I want to accomplish and then I'm gonna do it!


Set up the baby table, clean it, mask it, do first coat of red paint
Finish up red paint on baby table
Cut out remaining doll clothes
Cut out remaining messenger bags
Organize all cut out items for future sewing
Bring all the crap from bedroom and studio down to Goodwill pile
Collect all canvasses and organize in studio
Clean off cot and organize
Sweep and clean entire studio
Do laundry
Take out quilt and put in noticeable place to keep in front of mind
Collect all images for future paintings and prepare for printing
Call loan guy

I didn't finish some things. It turns out, I had a FUCKTON of diaper fabric. So I cut out a BUNCH of small diaper covers (but only the outer layer, not the lining.) It took a it's kinda hot and I took breaks when I was sweaty. But also, after so much cutting, my hand gets sore. So I did finish a TON of cutting and have a much more manageable pile, but I also didn't finish everything. It's ok, though! I didn't get to the packages. I might get them done in the morning before work. And I am slacking on the passport. You'd think, after waiting SIX YEARS to finally have the money set aside, I'd be on that shit. But I just have so much else going on and I have to get a couple of things together for it. I'm gonna ask mom to get them while I'm at work and then try to put it together tomorrow. Anyway, I feel super accomplished and I ain't mad about everything left undone. I did SO MUCH today, and it was awesome!!!

Cut out all diaper covers
Cut out remaining diapers
Collect all packages
Package all packages and address
Finish passport application and mail


It probably seems like a lot, but it's not really. It's only a few hours of work, if I just actually fucking do it. I hope it's really not super fucking hot, just mildly hot, and I just wanna get up and stick with it! But I guess check back later today to see if I've done it!

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