Monday, July 20, 2015


Since I've had a couple of short weeks, I really want to destroy my to do list this week. There are some really simple and easy tasks to do that I just haven't done. I need to stay on top of those...and of course, I'll have to add more to this list, since I'm finally getting some of the bigger tasks done!


01. Take out quilt and put in noticeable place to keep in front of mind
02. Package all packages and address
03. Hang all artwork in bedroom
04. Get pics from Narissa for Neko painting
05. Create plan for improved website
06. Outline social media and blogging business posts
07. Post measurements on Storenvy
08. Sew and deliver KJ's animal
09. Continue working on quilt
10. Go through stuff with Adam
11. Make all the cloth diapers (correctly)
12. Ship diapers to Christen
13. Refurbish director's chair
--->Halfway done!
14. Replace knobs in bathroom
15. Find mirror for bathroom
16. Hang all artwork in bathroom
17. "Frame" Adam's other posters
18. Redo Adam's toy box
19. Clean and repair Adam's dresser
20. Clean out Adam's closet
21. Start looking for rugs for bedroom
22. Find homes for Molly and Lulu
23. Do three Sun Salutations per week 1, 2, 3
24. Run 3 miles, 5 miles, 5 miles
25. Get going on planner stuff
26. Figure out where to promote senior and family portraits
27. Create logo for Beep's Babes
28. Look into blogging for Larry and Boo's Emporium
29. Start Jen's cats
30. Finish puppy dog
31. Start Neko
32. Rehang hammock
33. Work on genealogy
34. Buy replacement bush and plant
35. Remove root
36. Create plan and budget for deck at bottom of stairs
37. Dig up plants on side of porch and replace with gravel or hens and chicks
38. Create plan for paving garbage can area
39. Create plan for reseeding back yard
40. Put together room
41. Redo kid table set
42. Go antiquing and look for knobs
43. Measure stairs
44. Go to hardware store and price out material for stairs
45. Cut out all doll clothes
46. Finish fifth book
47. Sew something on quilt
48. Sew all doll clothes on bodies
49. Sew one doll and make practice face
50. Find pattern for baby snuggy
51. Find pattern for second sling
52. Find dress form for sling display
53. Clean room
54. Deep clean bathrooms
55. Mow side yard
56. Finish and mail passport application
57. Make flyers for all cats and post at local vets and bulletin boards
58. Write and bank all blog posts

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