Thursday, July 2, 2015

Liebster Award


H'okay, so...there is this award going around, that I really think I've seen before. Anyway, it's a blogger-to-blogger "award". But I really feel like it's just an awesome system of complimenting someone combined with a fun (if that's your thing) meme of questions. WHO DOESN'T LOVE QUESTIONS??!! There are rules somewhere, which I clearly, really care about! I was "nominated" by Kellie of Princes and the Yard Ape. I met her on Twitter and shortly thereafter, she announced she'd be nominating me.

Y'all, you KNOW how many haters I get, right?

Getting a lover made me feel just about as good as when I pissed off my entire high school by making the Varsity Cheerleading Squad. (Oh yeah, this personality has ALWAYS been here!) So, I've linked her and I have to tag people, and then I have questions to answer!

I tag everyone in my right sidebar. So if you actually read this post and you want me to send you some questions to answer, and you wanna tag and link me, and you wanna tag (and link) other people, well then leave a comment. If you're in my right sidebar, it means I love you and I read you regularly and I think you deserve an award!! (Please excuse the lack of Kellie in my sidebar. She is on my list, I swear! I'm just trying to get this post done before she thinks I've forgotten all about her!)


1. If you could snap your fingers, and without risk of failure do anything in the world what would it be?
--->Ummm...I feel like I should have a better answer than nothing. I mean, I do think it would be fun to win an Olympic Gold Medal in diving. However, I think the purpose of this question is to have me announce something in my actual life I feel a little too afraid to do. But I do the things I want to do! I like my life! I don't really have big fantasies!
2. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
--->That depends...If Adam is here, then I sleep on the right (if you're facing the bed). If Adam isn't here, I sleep on his side of the bed! If my best friend is staying over, then she sleeps in Adam's spot and I sleep back on the right (if you're facing the bed). It changes!
3. The thing about blogging that turns you on/ makes you happy?
--->MEETING PEOPLE!!!! It's always been my favorite thing. My second fave is processing my feelings through writing. I write all my thoughts because it makes me feel better to have them out there. It is slightly thrilling to know that people read them and support them and that some people even take my advice to heart. But the best thing is meeting new people!
4. Blogger whose influenced you the most?
--->No one. Right now, I've been blogging for so long that I'm really doing my own thing. When I first started writing, it was because I was going through a deep depression. There were "diaries" that outlined people's struggles with various mental illnesses, and I NEEDED those diaries. I became friends with those people and some of them are still my friends now. But by now, I just do my own thing. I make my own design based on what I like and I write what I like and any post about "how to blog" can fuck right off. (My content is fucking awesome, just in case anyone is wondering.)
5. If you could share a glass of wine with anyone whom would it be?
--->Girl, I like beer! But, I would share a glass of wine with you! You know so much about it! Ok, but if we're talking about like, long conversation over shots of tequila and some damn good beer, then my list has ALWAYS been Jesus, Hitler, Abraham Lincoln, and Elvis Presley. Hitler only because I just kinda wanna know. But the others are my actual idols. I feel like I should say, Taylor Swift, but I'd rather go geocaching with her or dancing or something.
6. Best meal you’ve ever eaten?
---> and chips in England. Oh man, I wanna go back! (I'm also a damn good cook, but fish and chips were just AMAZING!)
7. Are you a morning person?
--->Sure. I can get up, if I have to. I'm a whatever-I-need-to-be person. If you need me at 4a, then I'm not going to bitch. If you need me at 3p, I'm there. If you need me from 7a until 7p, I will do it with a smile. I don't believe in getting somewhere and doing something and bitching about it. That shit's for assholes who have nothing better to say than bitching about the weather.
8. When do you get your best work done?
--->Depends. It depends on my schedule. I do my best thinking when I'm running or driving. I do my best writing right when I get the idea and the emotion is flowing. I do my best other work whenever I have the gumption. Gumption is a fickle beast, it comes and goes. I've been trying to center my work week around Tuesday. I like to GET SHIT DONE! So I try to pile up everything on Tuesday and just wake up and just fucking go for it!
9. Introvert? or Extrovert?
--->INTROVERT! Like, such a hardcore introvert. But also very outgoing, so everyone thinks extrovert. INFJ, if you're into that thing, which I am.
10. Yes? or No? (just have fun with this, write the first thing that pops in to your head)
--->No. Always. Also, generally accompanied by a Fuck off!
11. Have you ever won anything before?
--->I really wanted to say no, but that's not true. I KNOW I've won things, but I can't remember what! I won a blog giveaway a week or so ago and I did win $1500 from a radio station once...or maybe $500. Whatever, I don't know. I'm not competitive. I rarely enter contests and stuff, and I don't care about coming in first place, so I can't remember this shit!


  1. When I saw your email in my inbox this morning with "I DID IT" little did I know you DID!
    Wow, you really wrote a great post. Funny! I can't get over how much entertainment I get from reading you stuff. Fenn, you did a great job and congrats again on your blog award, you deserve it.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for nominating me!