Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Review : The Bookseller

There is this magical little gem in Akron. It's a fabulous little bookstore, hidden behind the Dunkin' Donuts on W. Market. They carry used books, which basically means you can get books for cheap as hell, which I love. They also carry some awesome rare and first edition books. The place is so cool. It smells old. All the books are crammed in and overflowing.

There's a super old cat, Calamity Jane, chillin' out somewhere, waiting to be somewhat annoyed when you wake her up by petting her. You might not be able to find the latest John Grisham, but you can find interesting books on local history, and old crap, and popular stuff that isn't brand new.

The bookstore is struggling, honestly. They get by with online sales, which is a cryin' shame. But then again, they fully admit to not being very social media savvy either. I wish this book store were in some cute little house front, right on the main drag, and not tucked away behind fast food chains and automobile chains. If you live in the area, and if you like books even a little bit, then you had better get your ass down there and check out this awesome store!

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