Thursday, July 9, 2015

Taylor Swift : Evolution of style

I think I wrote this post a long ass time ago on my old blog, before it became the incarnation it is now. I can't find this post in this blog, but I can find the collage photos on Flickr, so I KNOW I wrote it. But whatever. If you've read it before, then move on...or if you don't give a shit about Taylor Swift being one of my fashion icons!

When it comes to fashion, I really do my own thing. I can't really look at magazines or movies and gain a ton of inspiration, because they are not full of short, chubby girls. I can see styles I love, like Jennifer Connelly in The Labyrinth, but then recognize how that will NEVER work on my body type. So I don't really draw inspiration in the sense that I copy someone else. However, there are some fashion icons, mostly ladies, but occasionally men, that I follow over time because I'm interested. Maybe it's like going through an art museum. It's just interesting to me.


Taylor Swift is one of those icons for me. I've really appreciated her music from the start. I can remember the first time I heard Our Song. I fucking loved that it was a song from a 15 year old that sounded like it was for a 15 year old. That is something I've always appreciated about Taylor Swift, she's so age appropriate. She was never rushing around trying to sound like she was older, mostly because she writes her own songs, and she has never tried to LOOK in the photos above and below. These are the first two eras of Swift Style, VERY teen appropriate.


Now, I know that Taylor Swift has been made fun of for wearing princess clothes and a fuckton of sparkles, but I've always appreciated it. I feel like, if I were 15 and also really tall and thin and going to fancy red carpet events, I probably would've wanted to look like a princess too! I've always appreciated that Taylor Swift was fairly modest, as a personal choice. It's refreshing to see someone who is not constantly naked and sexualized. I often worry that young women don't understand what dressing in such a highly sexualized manner means. But of course, that's a feminist rant for another time!


As the years went on, Taylor's style evolved even more. There were fewer country-only events and less casual clothing. She started to have her more personal style and her red carpet style. There was more skin showed, more daring necklines, and LOTS of sparkles. And yes, I enjoyed every minute. Again, most of her styles wouldn't suit me, especially the long, lean gowns, but all those sparkles! How pretty and how flattering for her skin tone. I'm not a big red carpet watcher, but I do love to see what Taylor Wears. I supposed, it was a little too consistent, with all of the champagne colors and sparkles, but I liked it!


There came a bit of a jump in Taylor's style when the curls really disappeared and straight hair was the norm. This was paired with red lipstick and a few more bold choices on the red carpet. I felt like this was an exciting time, even if Taylor played it just a bit safe. Sure a white tux was different for her, but it had been done by other women. I also feel like this was when Taylor started to have some more intentionally sexy looks...that, of course, followed along with her age.


It was right around the time of the straight hair and the red lipstick that Taylor's personal style evolved as well. She was seen in video shoots, in promotional spots, on her own, wearing a very modest, 50s sort of look. It was clear that this was an intentional choice as it was so consistent. I always wonder how much a celebrity's style is dictated by a stylist and how much is dictated by the celebrity. I really loved this time for Taylor. She was older and was dressing in a new way, a little more formal all the time, but also very classically feminine. Of course, I probably loved this period so much because these are dresses that would suit my body type! I still have a few images saved from this time that I use as inspiration...even inspiration for my wedding outfit! I just don't think a great dress with sleeves, a defined waist, and fuller skirt is ever going to look bad!


Of course, her 50s feminine period was followed by another big style jump via her Red tour. Taylor showed up on stage in SHORTS! It really did cause a media stir. Suddenly, the very covered Taylor was showing her legs. I went to her Red tour and what you might not see in the pictures is that she's wearing tights under the shorts and the tights have SPARKLES! This was also the time of the sparkly oxfords. I thought it was great to see her in flats, which seems to be a more practical shoe. Plus, the oxfords were suddenly available in stores, and of course, I bought a few pairs. Yep, I was definitely following a celebrity trend, which is fine. I've always loved oxfords and it was great to be able to get feminine ones! I still have a pair in my closet.


And now here we are on her 1989 Tour and her style has really taken a massive leap. She cut her hair and her style seemed to change in an instant She's wearing short skirts and crop tops, not just on tour, but everywhere. She's really out there creating a look that is very new for her and very current for fashion as well. Of course, there is still plenty of sparkle, which I love. But there's also some metallic sheen and I'm really, really dying for a jacket just like her rainbow metallic one. The shorts and the short skirts are not really something I would do. I have HUGE thighs, so short shorts don't work and I prefer my hemlines a little longer. But I love this new phase. It's exciting and fun and young and I think it matches the sound of 1989.


Taylor Swift is a fashion icon who I see really doesn't make sense. I follow a Tumblr dedicated to her fashion style and it's something I really enjoy looking over every week. I think Taylor is incredibly savvy and that her fashion choices represent her own personal evolution as much as they represent the record-breaking recording artist that she is!

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