Monday, August 17, 2015

Busy Week

Last week was sort of rough. I wasn't feeling motivated. My gumption left me and I did NOT sew one damn thing. I went to paint but didn't know the studio was booked and left before I really accomplished much. I had to stay late at work several times (which reminds me why working for myself is so great). I did still manage to accomplish some things, but not as much as I wanted. I'd like to say I'm going to be hardcore this week, but I don't think I can.

On Tuesday, I have a courthouse wedding an hour and a half from where I live as well as scheduled studio time. If I come home from that and manage anything at all, I'll be surprised. On Thursday, I have to go an hour away to meet potential cat adopters. That leaves me Wednesday, in theory, but that's a run day. I'm always slow on run day. I have a craft show on Saturday, which is actually in Pennsylvania, so that takes up all the day. I have Sunday, in theory, but that's a long run day. I HAVE to get the miles in, because I bailed on them this week.

I mean, I guess everyone bitches about being busy. I'm not trying to be a whiny asshole. I think I wrote that out more for myself. Clearly, every week won't include a wedding AND a cat adoption AND a craft show, but I think I'll be getting more hours at work, and I have to consider that. I really need to better plan my time, if I'm going to have less of it. Lazy days where I sleep in, read a book, sew for a few hours, nap, and then sew for a few more hours...not gonna cut it. If I have to work, run, sew, and side hustle, I'm gonna have to be more hardcore. Fewer naps. DAMMIT!

Related : Unexpectedly, Adam and I walked into a thrifty antique store in West Hill that I've been dying to visit; Land of Plenty. We each found something cool for a great price! I found a fucking awesome mirror for my bathroom and he found a print of the HMS Bounty. It was fun to knock something off my list that I thought would be sitting around forever. Both of them were great deals, and we were happy to eat dollar menu for the weekend instead of fancy food, because we found cool things!


Run 2 miles, 3 miles, 5 miles, 7 miles
Do three Sun Salutations per week 1, 2, 3 AND yoga challenge, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Paint 3 dogs, trace and build background of Stewie
Find canvasses for 2 cats
Bleach director's chair fabric...if that's good, then PUT IT TOGETHER!!!
Sew all diaper covers
Sew all messenger bags
Sew all doll clothes on bodies
Sew one doll and make practice face
Work on genealogy
Create design for Larry and Boo blog
Post to Larry and Boo blog
Install Tweetdeck and start interacting on Twitter with Larry and Boo
Go to Tri-C and sort out enrollment
Package CHRISTEN package and set aside to mail
Package all packages and address
Clean room
Deep clean bathrooms
Finish fifth book, start next series
Hang all hangable artwork and mirror
Frame all remaining artwork
Find new home for fishies
Send Molly and Lulu listing to shelter
Collect materials to scrub bedroom floor of paint
Buy trash can
Figure out recycle cat cans situation
Weed garden
Buy running app
Buy one month with
Give Ericka $20
Buy one ticket to Holiday World
Return Enell Sports Bra
Redo Passport Application
Write work proposal

Personal Projects

Make door desk
Make dresser top desk
Hang all artwork in bedroom
Continue working on quilt
Replace knobs in bathroom
Hang all artwork in bathroom
"Frame" Adam's other posters
Redo Adam's toy box
Clean and repair Adam's dresser
Clean out Adam's closet
Go through stuff with Adam
Start looking for rugs for bedroom
Go antiquing and look for knobs
Sew something on quilt

Work Projects

Get pics from Narissa for Neko painting
Create plan for improved website
Post measurements on Storenvy
Stuff and deliver KJ's animal
Ship diapers to Christen
Create logo for Beep's Babes
Start Jen's cats
Start Neko
Make baby sleep sack
Try out Jen's dress form for shows, and consider ordering a dress form
Get measurements for butterfly wings

Gardening Projects

Buy replacement bush and plant
Remove root
Plant more herbs and more stuff by driveway
Create plan for paving garbage can area
Go to hardware store and price out material for stairs


  1. your lists are a hoot - glad you've been able to cross a couple of things off :-)

  2. It's okay to whine sometimes! Being busy kind of sucks.

    1. I guess it does. If I can't accomplish things.

  3. don't beat yourself up for not getting stuff done. sometimes you just have to let the chips fall where they may. have a great week!

    1. Girl, that is really, really, really true. I'm not. I'm pretty good at giving myself a break...or twelve!