Friday, August 21, 2015

Recent Work : iPhone-ography : River Styx Bugs

Since I'm trying to do Photo Friday on the regular, I have banked a ton of different posts. Most of them are portrait sessions, because that's what I do. This week, I decided to go a different direction. Just like I said in my iPhoneography post, I really use my iPhone all the time! In this case, I was out for a short hike around a beautiful pond and all the bugs were out too. I decided to go around the pond a second time to capture as many bugs as I could. These are technically macro shots, though they might not feel like it. That's because most people use the term "macro" to describe what are actually super macro shots. My iPhone is not going to be a super macro tool; that's a more specialized type of photography. But as you'll see below, it does macro just fine!







Pierced Wonderings


  1. First off, these are beautiful! Second, almost every review I read of the iPhone camera before I made he switch said you couldn't get depth of field on them, that it would need to be done post, and I don't feel like that's the case here.

    1. It is and it isn't. The second one, with the little white bug, has an IG filter where I selected a circle over the bug and everything else blurs. The third, with the Japanese beetle, is standard depth of field for an iPhone. The leaves are in focus, the background is blurred. The iPhone does not use hyperfocusing techniques, but it is a pretty wide aperture anyway. It only starts to blur as you come closer to an object...which is why macro is tricky, because it's easy to choose the wrong part of the photo for focus.

  2. It really is amazing what the camera on our phones can do these days. I've actually been giving my MIL a little bit of a tutorial since her phone is her only camera...and she has thousands of crappy photos. I was talking with my students about it recently too. If they're going to use it, I figure they should know how to use it well.

    These are great captures and it reminds me that perhaps when I'm out on the nature trail at work, getting my steps in, I should be doing more than focusing on my pace on the phone ;)

    Thank you for joining us for Photo Friday again this week!

    1. Maybe you should go on a nature trail photo excursion and limit yourself to what you can see from the trail!!!