Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Review : Busy Beader

I just wanted to write a quick review, that I should've written ten million times already. As well as owning Larry and Boo's Emporium, a business where we make stuffed animals and other items out of textiles, we have a partner too. We met our partner when she was doing her first craft show and after a year of seeing each other around and even requesting neighboring booths, we decided to start sharing a booth together.

Partnering up was a really great decision because it cuts costs for both of us and we can share the load. It's nice to have someone going to shows with, especially if I'm working and my mom is doing shows. And it's just nice to have a friend doing things with us.

The Busy Beader makes a lot of great items, and I own at least one of everything. But I only have pictures of a really cute headband I bought! I own fun cat ears, fantastical head bands, and a TON of beaded for every color. I LOVE the bracelets because they are stretchy and not tight and really durable. I've owned them for years and never broken anything. You can probably contact her online, but really the best way to get in on this action is just to come to a show!!!