Monday, August 31, 2015

This week...

Last week was pretty awesome. I was actually feeling kind of down because I sort of had free time but it was taken up with errands and I wasn't able to complete as much as I'd hoped. But then I went down to Cincinnati to deliver one of my cats to his new home and I just had the best time. I met with the new owner Friday night...and her whole family was there WITH A CAKE TO WELCOME LITTLE ARTHUR. Seriously, you know you've found a great home for your animal when the new owners throw a welcome party. The next day, she and I (and Adam) went to this awesome neighborhood in Cincinnati and checked out some GORGEOUS painted ladies. (Yes, I'll write a blog post in the future.) Adam and I finished up with her and went to Jungle Jim's (review on that later), before heading to meet a friend for dinner. It was a spectacular end to a long and draining week. Yesterday, I did some research, really spiffed up my LinkedIn profile, and just really started to feel great about some things I have on the horizon. My energy has been low lately, but I feel that turning around, and I'm rarin' to go again!!!

Little has a new home!!!

Run 3 miles, 5 miles, 7 miles, 10 miles
Do three Sun Salutations per week 1, 2, 3
Add on something from the yoga challenge to your sun salutation!!!
Go through phone and put notes into action elsewhere
Totally clean up studio
PAINT something!!!
Bleach director's chair fabric...if that's good, then PUT IT TOGETHER!!!
Go to Jen's and collect supplies
Cut out everything
Set up sewing machine downstairs
Get rid of little desk
Sew all messenger bags
Sew all doll clothes on bodies
Sew one doll and make practice face
Work on genealogy
Create design for Larry and Boo blog
Post to Larry and Boo blog
Install Tweetdeck and start interacting on Twitter with Larry and Boo
Turn your Pinterest into Larry and Boo Pinterest!!!
Package CHRISTEN package and set aside to mail
Package all packages and address
Deep clean bathrooms
Finish 1/2 of current book
Plan for hanging of artwork (take measurements, etc.)
Frame all remaining artwork
Find new home for fishies
Send Matilda and Mrs. Wilberforce listing to shelter
Collect materials to scrub bedroom floor of paint
Redo Passport Application
Write work proposal
Call loan place

Personal Projects

Fix up bike
Raise bike seat
Buy bike hooks to hang bike in garage
Buy trash can
Buy running app
Buy one month with
Go to Tri-C and sort out enrollment
--->Fuck that school. Never going back.
Make door desk
Make dresser top desk
Hang all artwork in bedroom
Continue working on quilt
Replace knobs in bathroom
Hang all artwork in bathroom
"Frame" Adam's other posters
Redo Adam's toy box
Clean and repair Adam's dresser
Clean out Adam's closet
Go through stuff with Adam
Start looking for rugs for bedroom
Go antiquing and look for knobs
Sew something on quilt

Work Projects

Paint Stewie
Sew all diaper covers
Get pics from Narissa for Neko painting
Create plan for improved website
Post measurements on Storenvy
Stuff and deliver KJ's animal
Ship diapers to Christen
Create logo for Beep's Babes
Start Jen's cats
Start Neko
Make baby sleep sack
Try out Jen's dress form for shows, and consider ordering a dress form
Get measurements for butterfly wings

Gardening Projects

Buy replacement bush and plant
Remove root
Plant more herbs and more stuff by driveway
Create plan for paving garbage can area
Go to hardware store and price out material for stairs


  1. There was a welcome party?! That's the sweetest thing. I really enjoyed seeing all the painted ladies on your instagram. It makes Raleigh look boring with all the stupid recent construction. No personality at all.

    I wish I were this organized with my to-do list. I need to step up my game. Happy Monday!

    1. You mean you wish you just threw everything on your list, hoping you'd get around to it someday? Ehh. I just like lists!!! There are MORE PAINTED LADIES!!!