Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fat Tuesdays : An experiment in fatshion and self-portraits

I've been thinking, for a while, about the presence of fat women in the media and online. The problem is that there are often only thin women represented and when a fat woman finally features, the internet goes insane. This is a problem, because it says that fat women are an anomaly and anytime you see a fat woman, you should be surprised or somehow overly emotional, since thin women are the norm. This isn't just in mainstream media, it's true of fashion bloggers as well. Trying to find a fat, fashion blogger is damn near impossible. Even the ones who are chubby, are still of a size available in any store. This is a problem, because in a world where anyone should fit in, fat people are still invisible.

I want to change this.

I have nothing special to say about fashion.

But I'm fat. I exist. I'm currently larger than what is carried in most stores. I'm currently morbidly obese. I'm currently perfectly healthy and happy and still judged and considered "death fat" by the vast majority of Americans. I run. A lot. I also eat candy bars. Probably too many, honestly. I wear clothes, some of which are hard to find. I want to put images of me out there in the world for everyone to see so that I'm yet another normal body. It is not my fault that I'm also white and fair, which is overrepresented in the media. I do sometimes feel badly for being fat, but I mostly walk around feeling beautiful and awesome. I'm normal.

So, I'm starting this series of weekly self-portraits with a bunch of naked photos. HOORAY! Let's look at my fat ass, shall we? None of these photos were edited, except for cropping and filtering in Instagram. All the cellulite and rolls are real!!! Enjoy!









P.S. Adam held the phone and pushed the button. He knows a little about exposing on an iPhone from previous direction by me. I told him where to stand and where to hold the camera and when to press the button. But really, he is a great selfie assistant!!!


  1. You DO walk around being awesome. And you spread your awesome everywhere. With your photos, your words, and your authenticity. Your confidence and trust in yourself helps others (or at least me) see that they can be awesome too, they can be confident too, that they can be authentic how and where they are.

    1. Aww...HOORAY! (Except, ugh, we need another word that isn't AUTHENTICITY!!! You know what I mean?) Girl, YOU ARE AWESOME. You totally are. I know it, and you just have to realize it!

  2. I'm a fat fashion blogger! Well, Instagrammer and I've written a grand total of twice at http://www.robotballerina.net/. Working on it. Working on it. And WORKING IT!

  3. You are amazing for this!! Keep it up!! Good job too Adam:)

    1. Thanks girl! I'm doing it! (Adam is my official assistant.)

  4. This is great. All of it. The writing, the pictures, the celebration of you. Why do not like authenticity? I love that word and it conveys?

    Keep spreading awesome!

    1. Because "authenticity" is an overused phrase among bloggers. But thank you! I'm glad you get it.