Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fat Tuesdays : Gauchos

I would say these gauchos have been a staple for me this summer. I bought them at a little boutique in Akron for under $40, thinking I'd wear them all summer. I did. I like light pants for summer. Because I just prefer to have my body more covered (it's a tactile thing...I prefer the feeling of clothes on my skin), I'm always looking for heat-appropriate but more coverage clothing. These were pretty great. I received a ton of compliments and wore them all the time. But I'm gonna get rid of them. In the end, they were just too thin. I saw myself in some of my yoga posts on IG and I did not like how much you could see everything. Also, they just felt weird after a long day of wearing them!

The shirt is a work shirt, it's probably a $25 shirt, I think. It's a ladies' cut tee, which means I had to go XXL and some days, I don't like it. Some days, I feel like all I'm doing is tugging at it. The shoes are old marathon shoes, $60 on sale. They are NOT good for running, but I'm trying them for walking. This is really another typical look for me. I need clothes that support my level of activity...like running around with a dog who loves to swim and jump on me!




  1. those pants are cute, don't trash them!

  2. The pants look good to me, but if they don't feel right, get them out of your closet!

    1. Exactly! Once it really cools down, they're going in my fabric pile. They will become cloth diapers and other such fun things!