Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fat Tuesdays : THOSE leggings

Y'all, as I said when I introduced this series, I don't have anything special to say about fashion. You are gonna see A LOT of leggings. Because I really like leggings. I'm very active and I hate waist bands that scrunch everything and slide down and create muffin tops. I tossed all my jeans and skirts with structured waist bands over a year ago and it's nothing but stretchy fabric from here on out.

This means that I don't have a "fat wardrobe" and a "skinny wardrobe". Stretchy things, even when too big, tend to cling enough. Sometimes they slide, yes. But I have to get really skinny to need new clothes. And getting fat? NO PROBLEM! I can gain and lose 30 pounds, which is not unheard of for me, and still wear the same fucking clothes. Also, I think they look nice. Also, I'm active and I like having clothes that are not too precious.




This is a pretty classic summer look for me. I don't own many SHORTS. I own a pair of bike shorts that I wear for really hot runs, as a substitute bathing suit bottom, and just on super hot days. But it takes a lot for me to feel hot. I also don't wear tank tops much, except for under everything. That sweat band though? NECESSARY. I get serious sweaty head. I kinda hate flip flops and think they are lazy and ugly and if I try to creek walk, they fall off and also they give me blisters after a long walk...but closed up shoes make my feet stink. So I don't have a solution for that yet. I think this outfit, despite it's brightness and pattern mix (my whole style) is really flattering and slimming. Not that I need to look thinner, but it does that.

The flip flops are probably from Target. I don't even know. The leggings are definitely from Aeropostale, where I got them on sale for $15. They go up to a size XL, which is incredibly giving for this size 16 gal. I LOVE them. They are made like athletic leggings with the flat stitching and have really help up all summer. I want more. The t-shirt is from a local t-shirt maker and could've cost as much as $20. I'm not sure. Guns are cool, kids. I cut nearly every tee at the neckline and the arms because they tend to SQUEEZE and I think a cut neckline looks more fashion-y and less like I'm a fucking lazy slob. The bandana...who knows? Had it forever. I have a ton, because I like to make them coordinate.

This is, as I said, very classic summer. The leggings wick away moisture and dry easily and everything can go from movies to dinner to playing with Bella on a trail. Right now, all my bras are Victoria's Secret, 36DDD...and the leggings are a size XL and the shirt is a unisex L. I'm 5'1", just so you know for comparison!


  1. I love it! I seriously need to check out Aeropastale for leggings.

    1. I have no idea if this is a regular thing for them, but if it is, they are doing it right.