Thursday, September 10, 2015

Review : VoxBox and Influenster

Just like yesterday, my computer is still broke. But I had already posted the pics in this post, so I can write it from the iPad, NO PROBLEM!! No links, so get your Googling finger tips ready!

Have you heard of Influenster? It's a sort of review site cum social network. You sign on and link up all your networks. Influenster determines your "reach" based on your social networks. Then, you play. You review items that you use and...other stuff, I think. I heard about it about a year ago from East Willow Grove, available by clicking on the image of the turquoise arrows in the right column. I logged on, saw my reach was medium, figured I'd never win anything, reviewed some stuff and left. I came back a couple months ago and reviewed a fuckton of stuff. I just wanted to see what would happen.

So, my reach is medium, according to Influenster. I thought that would mean I'd never be eligible for the VoxBox. The VoxBox is a bunch of free crap. It used to be samples, but it has become full size things. I think it's mostly beauty products. I sort of assumed the situation was set up for BIG bloggers. So the first time I logged on, I didn't put much effort into it. But the second time, I figured, "Fuck it!" I reviewed ERRYTHANG I could think of. A few weeks later, I started getting emails about the pre-VoxBox survey.

The first email was about self-tanner. I filled out a survey and was not chosen. Fine by me, I never use that shit. Shortly thereafter, I received another survey for other stuff. Filled it out....then....received an email that I was chosen for a VOXBOX!!!

So, I received my VoxBox and the name of the game was to try shit out and review it and get all social. There are all these challenges I can finish, like reviewing on Target or WalMart sites. I did some of it. I don't care about that shit, so maybe I'll never get another one?!?! But I AM going to write an apples to apples review here of all the shit I received!


SHAMPOO. Ok, 1. Attitude says "worry free," but the first ingredient is a sulfate. Call that shit a lie right away. The stuff is nice. It works well, made my hair too soft, made my hair shiny. Yay! I would NEVER change from my baking soda regime because A. Plastic. I'm not interested in all the packaging. 2. The cost. Why pay whatever the cost of this product is when baking soda is under a dollar? 3. The actually product. It makes my hair too soft, it contains sulfate, it has a lathering agent (a known carcinogen)...nothing adds up to my making a switch. BUT, it is a good product. If you're a beauty gal, try it out!


LOTION I use lotion whenever I shower and when I have a healing tattoo. I could never use the Jergens brand because it's scented. But IF I DID want a scented lotion, this one is so gross. It's really overpowering. Like really. And it's slimy! It felt slimy going on. It was so yucky! BUT, BUT, BUT...IT DID WORK. It made my skin smooth and soft and awesome. Still, no thanks. I'll stick with my in scented, unslimy lotion! (I already gave th bottle away.)


MOUTH WASH Ok, I LOVED this!! The Colgate felt better and tasted better and didn't burn. I'm gonna use up my powerful Listerine and SWITCH!!


FACE SOAP The Olay was REALLY GOOD. It made my face tingle and it felt so nice. I wouldn't ever buy it, though. I assume the cost is more than my off brand. I'm looking at going all local with my face and body soaps. And I don't know what the fuck a snow mushroom is, but I bet it's some cool new thing that we don't need to add to our soaps. Fucking consumerism. This face soap is great. If you like Olay, try it. If you want something new, try it. I'm too political for this shit. But I liked it!

So that's it! That's my first VoxBox. It was fun. It was like Christmas. I don't mind trying new things. But I probably won't put a ton of effort in getting another one. I will say that Influenster is a really great review site. If you haven't been there and you like internet things, definitely check it out.

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