Monday, September 28, 2015

This week...

This past week has been up and down. There was a lot of turmoil in terms of life decisions and MANY conversations with friends. There was a half marathon to finish! (Which I medal in my collection!) And there was some interesting subterfuge. Y'all, WHY DO PEOPLE NEED TO GOSSIP? Whether it's at work or whether it's among old acquaintances or potentially new ones regarding this blog, there has been a lot of gossip in my life this week! I've been called names and told about how people are talking about this very blog all behind my back. So dumb. (Just comment already, lurkers.) I'll never understand the entertainment factor in gossip, since I don't engage at all. I'm much more interested in having real relationships with people, you know?

Gossip is lame. Turmoil is sometimes necessary. Coming out on the end, on a Sunday night, curled up in bed with cats and Adam, and making decisions about our future...that's all good to me!


But because of last week being hard and my failure to accomplish things on my list, I'm just gonna keep it real simple this week. Like so simple!

1. Run
2. Do yoga
3. Finish photo shoots
4. Set up work spaces
5. Finish Stewie and start on dogs

That is it! Five things. My massive list will sit in older blog posts and be resurrected next week, probably!

The castle photo in this is by me, but the collage is by someone else, but the re-editing in Instagram is by me!

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