Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekly Goals

Last week, my computer broke and required a $300 repair, which was annoying because it inhibited my to do list AND set back all my savings for Argentina. I must redouble my efforts! I must redouble my efforts on all fronts. Life is annoying that way. But I did accomplish SOME things! Also, I started a Facebook group for awesome people and I posted the to do list and the other members posted to do items and we all kept each other accountable, WHICH I LOVED! There was a lot of talk, which was super fun for me. So I'm gonna do that again this week and see if that keeps working!



Run to work
Download photo shoots to computer
Do Phase 2 edit of Janney and Paige
Do Phase 1 edit of The Movement Factory
Exchange bike rack for new one with hardware!
Begin hiking list (for ALL the trails and for Fall Hiking Spree)

Run 10 miles
Go through phone and put notes into action elsewhere
Clean and organize studio with Kendra (find passport pics??)
Address and seal package to Christen
Sew something or cut out something

Sun Salutation + something from last challenge
Walk to work
Set up sewing space downstairs
Take notes from phone, organize, and put into action elsewhere

Sun Salutation + something from previous challenge
Walk to lunch date
Set up painting space upstairs
Sew or cut out something
Collect materials to scrub bedroom floor of paint
Get passport photos/finish and mail passport application

Run 3 miles
Go to Indiana!!!!!!
Jen photo shoot
Passport Photos

Hope it doesn't rain because HOLIDAY WORLD!

Run 3 or 5 miles

Personal Projects

Fix up bike
Write work proposal
Plan for hanging of artwork (take measurements, etc.)
Frame all remaining artwork
Raise bike seat
Buy trash can
Buy running app
Buy one month with
Buy dye and dye canvas for director's chair
Make door desk
Make dresser top desk
Package all packages and address
Hang all artwork in bedroom
Continue working on quilt
Replace knobs in bathroom
Hang all artwork in bathroom
"Frame" Adam's other posters
Redo Adam's toy box
Work on genealogy
Clean and repair Adam's dresser
Clean out Adam's closet
Go through stuff with Adam
Start looking for rugs for bedroom
Go antiquing and look for knobs
Sew something on quilt

Work Projects

Paint Stewie
Cut out everything
Create design for Larry and Boo blog
Post to Larry and Boo blog
Install Tweetdeck and start interacting on Twitter with Larry and Boo
Sew one doll and make practice face
Sew all diaper covers
Get pics from Narissa for Neko painting
Create plan for improved website
Post measurements on Storenvy
Ship diapers to Christen
Create logo for Beep's Babes
Start Jen's cats
Sew all messenger bags
Sew all doll clothes on bodies
Start Neko
Make baby sleep sack
Try out Jen's dress form for shows, and consider ordering a dress form
Get measurements for butterfly wings

Gardening Projects

Buy replacement bush and plant
Remove root
Plant more herbs and more stuff by driveway
Create plan for paving garbage can area
Go to hardware store and price out material for stairs


  1. my list pales in comparisons to yours, and there I was complaining.. shame on me..

    1. Girl, YOU CAN COMPLAIN!!! Your life is different from mine and it's ok to complain!