Monday, October 19, 2015

At it again!

Last week, I had a short list because I had a friend coming to town to visit. I ended up working a fuckton as well and just really didn't accomplish anything. I felt shitty about it. This week, I'm sticking to the short list (with just a couple additional items). My massive list can hang out in the archives until I'm ready to tackle it again. I just need to finish some fucking items on my list. I have this small list in my head that, like, once I get that shit done I will FINALLY feel really great about what's going on. So I'm just trying to get this shit done and then I'll move on! (I don't even know what the fuck I'll do during the Christmas season; probably nothing, honestly.)


1. Run 2, 3, 5 miles
2. Do yoga 1, 2, 3 times
3. Set up sewing station
4. Go paint
5. Cut out things
6. Sew all messenger bags
7. Make hedgehog and stegokitty patterns
8. Deep clean house (bedroom, bathrooms, laundry)
9. Finish that fucking lizard so you can start on something else!

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