Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fat Tuesdays : Buying clothes for a fat body.

Here is a video and my thoughts on it because I do not have a selfie, because I just don't. Ok? I'll be more on top of it in the future!

When I worked at GAP, I was just out of the size they offered in store (they go up to 16). I wanted to wear what I was selling. I also knew that we carried plus size online, so I wanted to be able to sell that, since I was the only fat girl in the store. Being the only fat girl in the store was generally awesome. My crew didn't think I was anything negative at all, but the customers who were fat totally loved seeing me there. I sometimes wore our mens jeans because they fit better (often wore mens pants, actually) and some of the women who came into the store did the same thing. The crew directed them to me to help them shop. At GAP, I never felt like I COULDN'T wear mens clothes, because GAP, honestly, does not give a shit. You can be who you want there. (I miss that company, but not the crazy pants managers I had at both GAP and Old Navy.) So, I decided to buy online...and as this video will demonstrate, I knew what that would mean. I spent $700 only to return $600 of it. Because buying online is the worst, you have to be prepared to buy your size and the one up and down from that. I had a GAP credit card and an employee discount and knew I could try everything on in one night and return it to my store the next day. My experience was exactly like this video and is exactly why stores should just fucking sell plus sizes. Trust me, we exist, and we want to shop at ALL THE STORES.

Related : I also worked for Torrid, a plus size store that is so fucking clueless. They offer nothing that plus size women actually NEED and only some things that we want. They repeat the same shapes over and over, sell no basics, their jeans fit like crap, and then offer limited colors and prints that aren't for everyone. I've met people in the corporate office, and they FUCKING LOVE THEMSELVES! They think they are saving all the fat girls (because they are all skinny, of course). I never want to shop there again, honestly.

P.S. I made Adam watch this and I realized that men can buy clothes up to, like, 44 waist, NO PROBLEM! So it's only fat women that are punished, not fat men.


  1. I've seen this video, and you're so right! But it's not even plus sizes, even the higher ones. And sizing charts mean basically nothing. I don't know why stores don't sell plus, because I imagine at least half of the women shopping need that. Or perhaps plus-sized women are more likely to shop online? I don't know.

    1. It's laziness and marketing. Plus size fashion doesn't fit on super popular, desirable models. More fat women exist than not, but it's less sexxy to sell to them.