Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fat Tuesdays : Slow Fashion

I recently read a Slow Fashion Pledge about having an ethical wardrobe and it made me think that I want to create my own. It made me think about the things I've bought below, and where they came from. The truth is, I have no idea. I do know they were not made in the U.S.. I don't know, there's not a lot of information out there about supply chain and whatnot, but I think I can take steps to have a more ethical wardrobe, so here are my things:

01. I will look for any item I need at a thrift store or other second-hand method first.
02. I will look for any item I need made in U.S.A. second.
03. I will look for any item I need made locally third.
04. I will make the damn thing myself!
05. Exclusions; athletic gear, any shoes, and under things.

Regarding outfit pictured below : New Balance tennies, Target pants from men's section size XL with a drawstring waist (to fit my size 16-ish body, only $24.99), red speckled t-shirt from Canvas, a men's t-shirt company sold through distributors (price unknown). See? No idea where a damn thing came from.



  1. You might not know where any of those pieces in the photo came from...but i am DIGGING the look!!!

    1. ME TOO!!! I'll have to learn how to make my own!