Friday, October 30, 2015

Recent Work : Kendra the Zebra

As part of her project to build a photo album for her boyfriend, Kendra wanted to do a zebra shoot. her boyfriend loves zebras, and she wanted to become a zebra for a somewhat sexxy shoot. She came up with the entire costume and make-up and I picked a graffiti filled alley way that's pretty popular in Highland Square. It also happens to be right in her back yard, and so all we had to do was climb through a fence! Since this shoot was inspired by an animal, we definitely worked to create some fun and exotic poses. I know Kendra loved the shoot and I definitely had a really fun time shooting a "zebra"!!












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  1. Gahh the lighting situation in that first photo is so perfect! Zebra stripes + shadow stripes, I hope you took a zillion there because that is too cool!