Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Review : Nick Jonas Album : VLOG!!!

I made a VLOG! Why? Well, I was inspired by East Willow Grove. She has awesome vlogs and they often lead me down a sidebar whirlwind which has led me to subscribe to some other vloggers. Vlogging kinda terrifies me. It's different from writing, in that I don't stop and do research and make sure my information is coming out perfect. So after this vlog, I've included a couple of corrections and links to make sure the information is amended to be correct. It's terrifying because I feel very on the spot. But I did it. It was weird but also kinda easy, and I think I like it. The topic of my vlog was panning Nick Jonas' recent and awful self-titled album. The vlog is 20 minutes long, so grab some popcorn, make sure your internet is working well, and watch me! (Or don't. Whatever.)


Laws regarding public figure

I may have misunderstood about the reasons Michael Jackson changed the lyrics to his song, "They don't really care about us," but he did change them. (Last item on the list.)

I should reiterate that Nick Jonas didn't write the offensive song, but he did sing it.

Apparently, America is more violent than most places.

The definition of assault. It appears words ARE NOT enough, by themselves. There has to be accompanied by a "reasonable apprehension of harm". So, meh.

So, 3000 (hits per month on my blog) is 0.00094% of the U.S. population. That's small enough to equal ZERO, statistically speaking!

Check out Angel Haze! and Demi Lovato!


  1. Happy First Vlog! I loved it! I love listening to you. The song lyrics were terrifying and you can all rest assured I'll never purchase a Nick Jonas album.

  2. Oh my jeez... I could not stop laughing for about the first nine minutes!

    Yeah, Nick Jonas can shove that song (and all his others) right up his butt. You know there are so many little 15 year olds out there swooning over him and singing this song, and it's sad.

    By the way, I will definitely never purchase anything Nick Jonas or any other Jonas. Rest assured.

    1. It's sad because he COULD have a great sound if he just sang like normal and didn't make rapey songs.