Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fat Tuesdays : Black Sabbath and THE UNIVERSE

Ласкаво просимо на мій блог!

So, the sad news is that someday soonish, these leggings are gonna be gone. I've mended them several times and since I basically ignored the proper care and sat wherever I wanted (including on rough rocks), they are all scuffed up. I'm gonna WEAR THEM OUT, but I can see them hitting the road soonish. When that happens, and after careful consideration, I'm not gonna buy more Black Milk Leggings.



The thing is Black Milk Leggings ARE NOT athletic leggings. This means, like a t-shirt, they have one seam that is serged. Whereas athletic leggings, similar to jeans, are flat felted and serged. It takes more friction to tear through athletic leggings...so the leggings I wore all summer and the leggings I ran in all summer, have not needed to be mended, unlike the Black Milk Leggings. It also means my Victoria's Secret leggings that I've worn almost as much as my Black Milk leggings this past year, haven't needed mending either.



So, get ready to say good-bye to these fabulous leggings that I dreamed about FOR YEARS before buying, and which I have absolutely loved. I really feel like these leggings are the embodiment of whatever amount of personal fashion I might have, but they are lacking in durability. My thighs do nothing but rub, rub, rub, and I just need leggings that will keep up to the amount of chub rub I've got going on.

Shirt : free, from this guy I know! unknown size. Hoodie : free, from the same guy...and custom printing would've cost $30, if I had to pay for it when I did it. size lg, unisex. Leggings : $80-ish, size XL for my size 16.


  1. This outfit speaks to my heart. I'd be sad about losing the leggings, too.

    I think that no matter how much weight I lose, I will always be able to start fires with the friction from my thighs. It's life. Glad to be here with you at the end of all leggings, Sam. ;)

    1. Why are you so funny!!???

      Word, though. But maybe I'll figure out how to make my own and I can print glorious images on fantastic fabric and sew them up so amazingly that they don't fucking fall apart from chub rub.